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This is What Snooki Looks Like Eight Weeks Postpartum

photo of nicole snooki polizzi twitter post baby pictures
I have just one thing to say to Snooki—and it starts with “F-ck” and ends with “you”. Because oh my goodness, I looked *NOTHING* like this eight weeks after giving birth (either time), and to be honest with you, I still don’t look anything like this, and my last child was born seven-and-a-half months ago (not that I’m stressing about it, I’m just making an honest observation) and I’m mad jealous in a “you go girl” kind of way.

Realistically speaking, Snooki doesn’t even look like a Snooki anymore. I mean, yeah, I pretty much totally despise her fashion, still, but she’s so cute! And I’m sorry, but I just can’t associate the word “cute” with someone named Snooki. Unless the Snooki in question is a five-year-old child with an underbite, it can’t be done. Gosh. She looks good without makeup, she looks good post-baby, and now even Jersey Shore has been cancelled. Does Snooki possibly have a future in something not completely trashy here? It might just be, guys. It might just be.

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  • Well don’t be too jealousof her weight loss because sadly I think it was lost through unhealthy means. In my opinion and to my suspicious (which I truly hope are wrong)..I am betting she lost all that weight so quickly using some not so healthy…her past (and well documented) eating disorder habits. I want to state I am not at all hating on her..I think she is adorable..nor am I hating on eds or randomly throwing the ed stone around, jsut cause she lost weight. However I used to have an ed, and know many others who have also..and anytime weight loss occurs, especailly rapid weight loss like hers, there is at least some degree of eating disorder behavior involved. I mean, I sure hope that isn’t true…but common sense kinda dictates that when you view anyone who used to have an ed (and she has repeatedly admitted and detalied her past with anorexia) and that person then goes on and drops weight, especially in a startlingly quick way…more often than not…it is their eating disorder behavior via which they lost the least to some extent. And please beleive me, eating disorder experience and behaviors …no matter what kind of rapid or gradual weight loss they cause..are nothing…and I mean NOTHING to be jealous of. Like I said, I hope this isn’t the case, I love Snookie and I am not trying to hate on her at all, it’s just what seem obviously occurring… to me (and I know it is jsut my opinion, not trying to state facts or diagnose). Plus I truly hope she doesnt lose anymore weight, It wouldnt be healthy. At this point she is nearly the size she was in the pics she had published showing her body at the time when she admitted that she was afflicted with an I worry that anymore weight loss would be unhealthy for her.

    • That’s awfully severe. I’m not saying your wrong but I was thinner than I was in high school in the first 4 months after having my daughter and through eating well and exercise stayed in shape and healthy. I did gain about 10 lbs back after that first 4 months but still… I think that’s jumping to negative conclusions very quickly.

  • It’s not like she’s in a bathing suit and super thin.. she’s wearing cute clothes that fit her body type nicely and makes her look thinner than she (probably) is. she looks great

  • This is the “baby effect” they have a baby, appear super cute and all and their future is not trashy (we almost forget their past). Look at Nicole Richie, as an example.