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Stars Without Makeup: OK, OK. It’s LeAnn Rimes, I’m Forewarning You.

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So here’s LeAnn, checking into the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, and I have a few things I want to address. One? LeAnn lives in the Beverly Hills area—why’s she checking into a hotel? Trouble in paradise? Someone give Kim Smiley a ring and ring out what the deal is here.

Second, I was under the impression that LeAnn was deathly ill, or was, at least according to her Twitter feed, brought to my attention by one of our readers who always has the best LeAnn dirt, the aptly-named ‘Guest’. Guest said:

Just when you think the famewhore that is Leann Rimes can’t possibly stoop any lower… This morning she tweeted that she was going to be spending 24 hours in bed because she is oh so sick, but now she is tweeting about how she is picking out outfits to wear for the interview that she set up with Katie Couric for tonight. Funny how her illnesses always have a way of clearing up like that. So in addition to filming for HGTV, she and her BFF were rearranging her home because it’s going to be featured in a special Katie Couric and 20/20 interview. Which is odd, why would Leann allow ABC, 20/20, and Katie Couric to film her home, Eddie, and Brandi’s kids when she is suing someone for invasion of privacy?

Why is Katie Couric even interviewing Leann anyway? That’s right because Katie C, 20/20, and ABC made the mistake of excluding Leann from their All Access Nashville 20/20 special. In the article it mentions Taylor, Reba, Miranda, and Carrie, but NO Leann. How dare ABC, 20/20, and Katie exclude Leann from their All Access Nashville special. She will show them. With one phone call from Leann’s lawyer, Leann has a “special” interview with Katie to showcase her home because that is what people do when they have a case pending on invasion of privacy.

So. In light of all this, again, here’s LeAnn checking into a swanky Beverly Hills hotel. Looking, might I add, completely “well” and fit and definitely not sick (flu-sick, at any rate) in the least.

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  • Leann isn’t shy about anything she does, the information is out there for all to see. The problem is that the media is too afraid of Leann and her lawyer, so they opt to post fluffpieces rather than expose her lies. Leann controls what is being posted about her by paying people off or by manipulating the court systems. And then her bad behavior is rewarded by people like Katie Couric.

    It’s not surprising that Leann set up this staged photo-op yesterday. It’s another “Look At Me” pr stunt. Justin and Jessica, Adele, and Kim Kardashain are getting all of the media’s attention right now. Expect Leann’s famewhoring to get even worse on Monday because Kim K will be getting a lot of coverage about her birthday. What surprises me the most is that her fans keep falling for her stories about how she is “sick”. She was too sick to appear at any of her concerts this month, yet she is suddenly well enough to do a 2 in 1 exclusive interview (20/20 All Access Nashville special and Katie’s talk show) with Katie C?

  • I love that Wikipedia classifies Leann’s biography on their site as “C-class, low importance.”