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Intervention at Lindsay Lohan’s House, BYOB!

photo of lindsay lohan wasted pictures
From TMZ:

Cops just showed up at Lindsay Lohan’s Beverly Hills home after Michael Lohan and others tried to stage an intervention to get Lindsay Lohan into treatment … TMZ has learned.

Michael Lohan and several others showed up at Lindsay’s house Friday afternoon … believing she has fallen off the wagon … and they believe that’s why she has become a no-show for post-production work on her upcoming movie, “The Canyons.”

Michael tells TMZ … Lindsay’s entire team is on board with the intervention, though we cannot confirm that.

We’re told Lindsay was at the house when Michael and team arrived, but someone claiming to be her boyfriend shooed them away. The “boyfriend” told TMZ Lindsay was inside and any problems Lindsay has will not be solved by her father.

Someone called the cops to report a trespassing call. Cops are currently on scene.

Good God. I wonder what Lindsay‘s being all intervened-upon for. Is it alcohol? Cocaine? Meth? All of the above? Because gosh, just the other day she was looking almost remotely clear-eyed. It’s a shame that didn’t last for longer than, you know, a half-day or whatever.

Also, you guys remember how Emily told you just hours ago that Bret Easton Ellis Tweeted that Lindsay had missed work, because yeah. That happened. And Lindsay *still* hasn’t responded to the Tweet. Moreover? Lindsay hasn’t Tweeted anything in almost three whole days, so that’s got to be saying something right there, guys.

I don’t know about you, but I think that we’re in for an interesting weekend—to say the least!—hearing about this surprise intervention happening just for Lindsay.

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  • It’s been a whole week or so since Lindsay and Moms had their bitch fight so Daddy needs to supply some new family publicity for this weekend. Oh, please, go back to New York and Florida or any state on the east coast. After how many trips to rehab, did he really think an intervention was going to help, hard headed just feel sorry for me, Ms. Entitlement, at this point.

  • Hee that picture is cracktabulous!!
    More than likely she is on a drug binge
    Does she have a house? I thought she
    Lived at the Marmont?

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