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Caption This (Even Though It’s Not Tuesday)

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So guys, I saw this photo and I *knew* that it just had to be a Caption This, today. We don’t normally do ‘Caption This’ on Thursdays, and we normally only draw one winner a week, but this photo—and today—we’re making an exception.

See, this photo of Kim Kardashian walking in an airport is just so ridiculous that it’s just got to be addressed. Right now.

So go ahead—caption this. One winner will be chosen and notified by 11:59 PM EST tonight, so get on it!

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  • OMG I really can’t believe how hot I am. Really hot. I can’t decide if it’s my fur coat – oh fuck I hope PETA isn’t around. I’m tired of them and mom won’t tell me why she insists I carry my coat all the time. Publicity. Whatever. Anyway, I can’t decide if it’s my fur coat begging to snuggle up naked or the fact that I am wearing Kayne’s favorite pants. LOL his only pants. Why doesn’t he get that I don’t have to wear the same thing twice, so why should I? I can totally feel how fantastic my hair is, I’ve got a wiggle in my walk, hehe. Oh I must be hot, there’s a fireman following me. Here, let me flip my hair so he sees me.

    Stream of consciousness brought to you by KK xoxo

  • Kim hears about new sex tape auditions… Who could say no to THAT face? Plus ten Famewhore points for you Kimmy, plust ten for you.

  • With all of the Botox shot into her face, it’s difficult to see how upset she is about Hulk Hogan stealing her sex tape thunder.

  • For caption contest: “There’s something about getting my picture taken that’s so oh orgasmic …….”

    Serious question: why does she always wear those black pants………no one ever mentions it UGH WHYYYYYY!!!!????????

  • Kim’s a true professional and is doing her mouth exercises while at the airport to stay on top of her game. She knows those dicks aren’t going to suck themselves.

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