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Love It or Leave It: Holy Hot Hayden (Panettiere)

photo of hayden panettiere pictures 2012 hot pic
So, we don’t generally talk about Hayden Panettiere around here, partially because Heroes is no more, and partially because we’re just not into sex with giants anymore (and apparently, neither is she), but that photo up there really gives us pause and makes us think of Hayden’s status as a Hollywood staple. I mean, you’re totally right when you say that she’s totally not, but will you just look at how adorably hot she is?

Let’s talk about it for a second—that hair and that little peek of cleavage and the cutesy fashion sense that she’s got going on? How did she ever figure out how to deal with excess beltage (i.e., when you have a belt that you just can’t bear to part with—or you’re borrowing someone else’s belt—that’s just way too big and you have this gigantic flap hanging from your midsection that looks like a withered third arm)? Can we just go ahead and crown Hayden here “Hottie of the Day”? Because WOW. Girlfriend is seriously smoking.

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