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For The Girl Who Has Everything: Justin Bieber Vomits On Stage

That’s all. It’s just a video of Justin Bieber vomiting. During a concert. While performing. But also, please take note of his remarkable ability to keep singing even while hunched over and barfing. This truly is a young man to keep our eyes on!

To commemorate this very special moment, let’s look through some of Justin Bieber’s other special moments, shall we?

Here’s the one where he doesn’t understand what “German” is:

And here’s the one where he doesn’t understand how revolving doors work:

And here’s the one where he doesn’t understand the continents in the world:

There’s a lot going on in that pretty little head of his. Just not knowledge or common sense or grace or humility or, like, any other good qualities, probably. Mostly it’s just vomit.

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    • God, I feel so embarrassed for him… He’s so dumb! He should only be allowed to open his mouth to sing. Well, to be quite honest, I wish he wouldn’t open his mouth at all (even for music)

  • I dunno I feel sort of bad for him. The poor kid is probably beside himself with embarrassment. It must be tough living his life in a fishbowl with people making sarcastic jabs at him every chance they can get. He’s just a little kid…give him a break.