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Love It or Leave It: Natalie Portman is Golden

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So there’s not much that Natalie Portman can do wrong, and this hair is no exception. I’ve personally never noticed Natalie as a blonde before, but this? Well. It’s pretty great, actually. While a lot of brunette celebrities look cookie-cutter, factory-made, but Natalie looks as striking and noticeable as ever. There’s no blending into the woodwork with this lady, that’s for certain. In fact? She might look even better in this photo than she did for her wedding. Why couldn’t she have gone for this entire look—dress included—for her wedding?

How do you prefer Natalie?

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  • No! She looks so whatever-ish. This shade doesn’t suit her. I’m not saying she shouldn’t do blonde but that shade doesn’t do her any favours. There are other blonde shades that will look better on her.

  • Natalie is one of the most beautiful celebrities alive, but she comes off as mediocre as a blonde. Much more striking with her natural color.

  • Why is she blonde, isn’t she supposed to be (or soon be) filming Thor 2? BTW, don’t like this shade of blonde on her at all. She’d look awesome with a carmel hair color.

  • Have to agree with everyone else. Hopefully, she bleached it just for a role. Blonde is bland on her. I agree that this should have been her wedding dress instead of that dopey A-line whatever-it-was.