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5Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Going to be on SNL This Weekend, You Guys

Don’t know. Truth be told, I’m more excited to see Paul Rudd (who’s also going to be on the show) in action than I am to see JGL. I feel like JGL has got this “who, me?” hipster thing on lockdown, and the more he embraces it, the more sick of him I get. Go figure. It’s just … I have a hard time watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt pretending to have this insurmountable, over the top bravado, but not really having to pretend because the pompous bravado is actually kind of for real.

Last, can I just say how I positively *hate* how I have to sit through fifteen-or-thirty whole seconds of ads before I can watch the damn video?

Here’s my favorite: PAUL RUDD, being Paul Rudd.

Who’d you rather—Joseph Gordon-Levitt (sorry, I mean “Joseph Gordon-LEVITT!”) or Paul Rudd?

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September 20, 2012 at 5:30 pm by Sarah

5 Responses to “Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Going to be on SNL This Weekend, You Guys”

  1. sandii says:

    i’m sorry but if you are going to start hating on joes adorable face i don’t think i can keep coming to this site… that man is PERFECT!

  2. nicole peach says:

    Wahhhh! none of these vids are available on Canadian soil. And I SO wanted to see that clip of Lindsay as Liz…

    • ltc says:

      I know it’s sooo annoying!! I really wanted the snl promo! I wish the NBC website could have Canadian ads for Canadian viewers so we could watch the videos, too.


  3. archphoenix says:

    Why must I choose? Waaaah.

  4. SadNews says:

    Paul Rudd? Once upon a time, went with husband to NYC cuz “3 Days of Rain” had 2 acts, 3 actors. Wanted to see Paul Rudd in person, in love with him at 1st sight ever since “Clueless”. Hubby desired sight of Julia Roberts in the flesh, the happy hooker of “Pretty Woman”. Both of the above mentioned were dreary live, onstage, no charisma whatsoever. Actor we were not interested in, now a much bigger name was mesmerizing, engaging, stole the show. Bradley Cooper. Go figure. Vote JGL.

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