Well That Was Fast.

photo of kate middleton nudes pictures
So we talked about Kate Middleton’s nudieness earlier today, and French magazine Closer made good on their promise to release the pictures while I napped and tried to sweat out the DayQuil OD I’m in the process of having. The Royals, though not initially sure they were going to pursue legal action over the photos, have decided to do so, and have also released this statement:

“Their Royal Highnesses have been hugely saddened to learn that a French publication and a photographer have invaded their privacy in such a grotesque and totally unjustifiable manner. The incident is reminiscent of the worst excesses of the press and paparazzi during the life of Diana, Princess of Wales, and all the more upsetting to The Duke and Duchess for being so. Their Royal Highnesses had every expectation of privacy in the remote house. It is unthinkable that anyone should take such photographs, let alone publish them.”

Yeah, well, in the meantime, you can check out Kate Middleton’s nudie photos in the gallery. It’s all cute. And I didn’t nearly expect Kate to have such dark nipples. I always imagined her with larger, peach-colored ones rather than the ones she actually has. But hey—cute is cute!


  1. Simon Jadis says:

    I gather that expectations of paparazzi are different in the UK than they are in the US. I cannot imagine being nude outside as any sort of celebrity and not at least being prepared to be photographed.

    I mean, as a random citizen, sure, I don’t always need a window closed when I’m naked. But that would change if I became the sort of celebrity who is hounded by photographers.

  2. nicole peach says:

    So she’s a real woman with female body parts just like the rest of us females. Big fucking deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grow up Immature World!!!!

    • Patricia says:

      I agree. big damn deal. she is in the public eye. what amkes her differebt then anyone else. she is not all that in my book.

  3. blasted1 says:

    Well, I can’t help feeling a twinge when it comes to Will. It probably brings home a lot of sadnesses for him, but, when you’re famous and you’re out there, well, you’re out there.

  4. pikki nikki polka pants says:

    she looks smokin’ hot. git it, gurrrrrl!

  5. Maria says:

    I think you are wrong Nicole. This is the future Queen and she should be alot more careful when it comes to certain things. Im not famous but i wouldnt dare go sunbake naked or even topless. I dont think these young Royals have the quality of being a proper Royal anymore. I think the last Authentic Royal is the Queen and god bless her when she is gone that family is going to be in alot mor scandals then they are now.

    • mireee says:

      Sunbathing topless is extremely normal in Europe, and not the big deal you’re all making it out to be. Plus, she was in a private villa. I can’t believe I’m defending a member of the Royal family but the argument of “she’s a royal, she should be careful when sunbathing topless in a private villa protected by two walls” is preposterous and reeks of victim blaming. It’s the paparazzi that hounded a young woman while she was in an extremely private moment.

      • sandy says:

        yes,however the Media have taken advantage of this, unfortunately as they did with DI. Hopefully, they will not relentlessly pursue this ‘new Royal’, as they did with Di.

        Let us all hope that Kate is ‘strong’, and ‘prepared’ for a ‘potential celeb pursuit’.?

  6. Queasy says:

    She would never be Queen, if/when William becomes King, her title would be Queen Consort, his title in inherited, and his partner gets the consort title. They have just published the photos here in Ireland in a newspaper today, and it’s causing a lot of bad feeling across the water where they have chosen not to publish them. It does seem shabby to me, though, I know she was naive to not anticipate getting papped, but I doubt they get a lot of freedom with their roles, they’re not married long, and it seems really mean.

  7. Grace says:

    There is something really odd about all of this. This is the first time in history the paps have gotten this close to a royal to achieve this kind of scandal. Harry got shipped back to Afghanistan when he upset the Queen and Kate’s behavior a few months back was “questionable.” Has the Queen authorized someone to take Kate down like she, allegedly, ultimately did to Diana?

  8. The Unmitigated Gall says:

    Boy, Will is really rubbing that sweet smooth ass of Kate’s!! Maybe slipping a finger or two into that tight puckered asshole of hers while she’s all bent over. His dick was probably rock hard. But why are her nipples so dark, instead of pink as they should be for a good Anglo-Saxon girl? Does she have Spanish blood or is she mixed with Negro or something? Her butt hole and puzzy lips are probably brown instead of pink too!

  9. AGMINES says:

    I find her delightful, thoughtful, presentable and someone to be proud of as she carries herself.

    Sehe expected privancy and decided to let loose, but she now knows in her position, she should have known better.

    A lawsuit is just dumb, and like Jackie O Pictures published in Hustler, Jackie O made Larry Flynt a Millionaire.

    Lets more on folks, Kate is still wonderful, and her pictures are a side show, when the world is catching fire.

    More important matters on the sunrise of confuison, chaos, and castrophes, God Ble Kate, and God Bless Free Press!

  10. steve wilson says:

    seems to me as a very big storm in a b-cup

  11. sandy says:

    “whoopee Doo”AND THANKS, eXACTLY SAME SIZE AND SHAPE AS ME (ALSO A MIDDLETON). Perhaps they are Heriditary. !!!! Go Kate!!!

  12. sandy says:

    Addit. I guess it does need to be taken in consideration what happened to Princess Di, ( Ironically at a similar Location just pre her unfortunate death). Maybe, the Prince is sensitive to these past events with Paparozi, hence his immediate ‘cautionary concern’. Albeit, how beautiful his Princess looks and should be so ‘proud’, and thank his ‘lucky stars’, that he landed, the beauty!!

  13. Pubic Defendor says:

    Scumbag, low-life, parasitic, warped, evil, twisted voyeurs. And that goes for the paparazzI, too! May they all rot in the slimy, vomit-filled lives they wallow in every day.

    But perhaps I go a touch too far?

  14. lekker says:

    i love it. and i like tits

  15. Anonymous says:

    those are some UGLY BOOBS!!!

  16. puma says:

    Why are the pics posted on this blog? I love reading your blog, but the fact that you published the pics on your blog makes you liable for the incident too. It’s seriously tacky to stoop to the low levels of publishing them here. I didn’t need to see the pictures when I came to your blog today. Now I am a contributor because I read this blog. Urgh. First I got off Facebook, now this. Lame. Have SOME tact.

  17. wega says:

    Allah the creator sets some moral ethics for mankind to follow.
    Sorrow and regrets may follow those who transgress them

  18. Patricia says:

    U know she is no differnet then anyone else. She isnt like princess Di. I loved her. And it is a sad thing that happen to her. She will be missed forever. kate will never meet up to her.

  19. Anonymous says:

    big deal shes not even hot with her boyish figure, i think old prince should have shopped around for a woman with curves.

  20. ayesha kajee says:

    i think it is rude and an invasion of privacy leave them alone killin diana was not enough now they want kate too those arrogant dogs go take pict of the child rapists wpman abuses and leave kate alone

  21. cris says:

    Whats the fuzz about Kate’s sagging boobs. People are so obsessed with Brit royalty. Nothing new.

  22. Bergie says:

    Something is totally wrong when a PROFESSIONAL papparazzi can’t figure out how the damn FOCUS WORKS!!! All I see are grainy and out-of-focus boobs. And this has the entire free world up in arms?? How about some outrage at the lack of professionalism from this wanna-be-a-hack-of-a-papparazzi??? LEARN HOW THE DAMN CAMERA WORKS!!!

    • Jim says:

      Bergie, the photographer was almost a mile away when he took the photos, and probably had a lens on his camera about 4 feet long. That’s the best you can get from that far away.

  23. don street says:

    don’t you think, just maybe they deserve a little privacy too!

  24. Anonymous says:

    This is not William and Kate!!

  25. Cyn says:

    So sad we focus on gratuitous photos of a respectable young woman (with filthy comments included), instead of the many serious issues & means of assisting the victims of world-wide tragedies…
    Does our entire ethos need to be reset?