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So I Guess There’s Kate Middleton Nudes Out There Somewhere

photo of kate middleton pictures photos nudes topless pic
Looks like Duchess Kate is about to join the ranks of Prince Harry—in her very own topless scandal! Word on the street has it that French magazine, Closer followed Prince William and Kate on a vacation to Provence, where Kate, naturally, engaged in some topless sunbathing. Closer, sending out the above photo teaser yesterday, claims that the photos will be released later today, and the Royals are pissed. A spokesperson for the family claims that Will and Kate are “saddened” and angry, and that a “red line” has been crossed.

From a French magazine website called Closer (well, at least the Google-translated text, anyway):

“A little more than a year after their marriage, the royal couple was offered a romantic getaway, far from the protocol and etiquette in their very own garden of Eden.”

“Almost alone in the world … because Closer was there! After the holidays of Prince Harry in Las Vegas, discover the very sensual shots of Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William.

“Discover the incredible pictures of the future Queen of England as you’ve never seen her before … and as you will never see her again!”

What do you guys think—are you in agreement with Will and Kate, that a “red line” has been crossed (why red? Why not black? Why not teal? It is, after all, the color of gangrene, and what’s nastier than that)? Or do you think that it’s, you know, not really that big a deal?

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  • A “red line” has been crossed? These cunts live at the taxpayer’s expense and expect the best treatment just because. So over them. Plus, who the fuck cares? Many, many women sunbathe topless in Europe. Get over yourselves you leeches.

    • The worst thing about this? Kate has some rather unremarkable tits…… Not talking size here, just not spectacular….my bubble burst today…

    • hi you sound like a well educated girl lol
      if you understood what the royal family bring into the country
      you wouldnt be so angry
      your prob at home claiming lol

      • I’m raising your future generations you twat, and I’m 23 and Head of Department at that. I know 1,000,000 words and I still prefer fuck, and that doesn’t take anything away. I understand perfectly what the Royal family gets in, and still I couldn’t give a fuck about them. It’s you who is probably at home claiming, you little fuck.

    • what a nice choice of word….sound so nice coming from a woman.. pitty u had to use it as its a degading word to women no matter who or what they are

      • miree i take it the people u work for are pround of u and ur dirty mouth grow up its not becoming listing or reading words like that coming from a so called department head you must work for london underground cause thats where u and ur mouth belong

      • I agree. She is no better then anyone else. Yes get the hell over it. if it was one of us do u think they would give a damn?? Why hell no.

  • i agree,they would put me i prison if i didnt pay taxes,these dogs have had thier day,make as much money out of the pics as you can.they dont mind spending our stolen money on whatever they want.they have no shame.why should we?.talk about double standards.behind the young smiles and charityevents, belies a past so dark even the brightest light couldnt penetrate,hitler doesnt even come near these parasites

  • So she’s nude so what let her do playboy. Show off those sexy legs those small yet ample breasts. And a butt thats lovely! she’s just a lovely sexy women!

  • We have found the full pictures unblocked she’s lovely omg when shild those breasts are gona be huge!! please breast feed in public!!

  • We have found the full pictures unblocked she’s lovely OMG! since she is pregnant those puppys are going too be huge! please please breast feed in public! it’s a natural thing and we would love too see that bald beaver as well!

  • this is first news or whatever which i ever followed closely, amazing finland 7 päivää magazine as usual/expected didn’t have balls to publish photos people here is so righteous and someone might get offended.. it’s a shame i isn’t in magazine / tv biss

  • I think u are all forgetting that we all deserve a certain amount of dignity let alone privacy. Those photos were taken from miles away and I think the paparazzi was wrong> I do hope you remember who they helped to kill about thirteen years ago.
    Leave them alone.

  • grow the fuck up.n for the nasty comments I hope someone talks about ur loved ones just like u r. than again u might not care.everyone deserves privacy let someone invade ur space c how u like it n really have u not seen titties before! I can already c that her lagacy will live on and it will b what she was cheated out of and what she deserved. Its like the ones who took those pictures is y she isnt here.RIP Diana.They mayb higher profile but their people.let them live n peace.let them bring back to their heritage what most people only dream about.your mum is so proud of u and pass it on

  • Okay, they do this sort of thing to we commoners all the time and it troubles not the powers-that-be. Dare to do it to the heirs of jacked-up highwaymen and it’s a Matter of State.

    News flash: While I have sympathy for the young lady, at least her position pretty much guarantees that no filthy sod is going to mash her. All she need do is stay safely behind the shelter provided by wealth and status.