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WATCH THIS: Kate Winslet’s Titanic Screen Test

Holy crap. Kate Winslet was only NINETEEN when she starred (and headlined) in Titanic? I’m going to say it again: holy crap. She’s just amazing. She’s luminous. She shines. She outacts so, so many other girls that are her age now (including people like Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan, and a handful of others who are considered “actresses” nowadays), and she’s just …gosh, she’s just brilliant.

I dunno, guys. Even if Kate Winslet is an uber-big bitch, it’s this kind of thing that just makes me adore her no matter what. Even if she does have a second career as the number one Titanic hater the world over.

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  • Hey Sarah… What the heck is Perez Hilton talking about Lea Michelle being pregnant. There’s a video of Jimmy Kimmel & her appearance last night. How does that confirm a pregnancy?? What am I missing?? I figured you could utilize your gossip-finding prowess to explain how I missed the joke?? Is it a joke? Is she pregnant?? … Sigh. Sorry to comment off-topic. Just curious…

  • I was going to say, forget kate, look at teeny, tiny Jeremy Sisto! Adorables! I read that he was never up for the part but came in to read because he knew Cameron and Cameron needed a stand in for screen tests.

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