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Kate Winslet Continues to Trash Titanic

A photo of Kate Winslet

I usually really like Kate Winslet. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous, she’s a wonderful actress, and I’m always interested in what she has to say. Oh yeah, and I loved Titanic. I don’t remember how many times I went to see it, but I remember it was more than twice in theaters, and once at the drive-in. My cousin and I tried to speak like Rose and walk like her, and we tried to dress like her, but my nine-year-old self didn’t have much of a budget for period costumes. But I loved it.

Maybe that’s why that thing that Kate Winslet said recently, the thing about “My Heart Will Go On,” sort of rubbed me the wrong way. Let me refresh your memory:

“I just have to sit there, you know, kind of straight-faced with a massive internal eye roll. I feel like throwing up when I hear it. No, I shouldn’t say that. No, actually, I do feel like throwing up. I wish I could say, ‘Oh listen, everybody! It’s the Celine Dion song!’ But I don’t. … Everytime I go into a bar where there’s a live pianist or into a restaurant … it’s thrilling for people to surprise me with the Celine Dion song. I did a talkshow in Italy recently where they had a live pianist who started gently playing the theme song, and I was severely urged to go and sing it as if I had in fact sung it myself…. ‘I’m not going to.’ It rather haunts me, the song.”

Don’t get me wrong, I can totally understand how all of that would get real annoying, real quick. To me, though, that quote just had a sort of Rooney Mara vibe about it, you know? That whole “thanks for giving me this awesome job and this huge break, but after everything’s said and done, I’m just going to trash talk it for years” thing.

But wait, check out her more recent comments, and then see what you think:

TITANIC star Kate Winslet says seeing herself as she was 15 years ago made watching the newly-released 3D version of the epic disaster movie “bizarre”.

And the actress, who has struggled with her weight, reckons she has aged better than her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

“We do look very different, we’re older. Leo’s 37, I’m 36 – we were 21 and 22 when we made that film. You know, he’s fatter now – I’m thinner,” she says. The 1997 original film made global superstars of the pair.

Describing seeing Titanic again 15 years on, she said: “The second my face came on I was like, ‘Oh my God, make it stop, switch it off, somebody make it stop, turn the sound down, is that what we looked like? Oh my God, look what I looked like and look what Leo looks like!’

“It was completely bizarre, it was like somebody saying we’re going to take a home video that we made of you that’s three-and-a-half hours long and we’re going to make the world watch it all over again.”

Oh girl. Did you really just call Leonardo DiCaprio fat? Is it really inconveniencing you that much that your most well-known movie is getting all this attention again? So sorry for your massive success, Kate.

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  • Kate and Leo are known to be close friends. If he’s not offended by her comment (and I doubt he is) then why should anyone else care? It’s true, anyway. And even though he’s “fat” – he’s still hot. The end.

  • She didn’t ask for Titanic to be re-released. If for 15 years everytime you met someone or went to a bar someone played Celion Dion’s song I think anyone would be annoyed and want to throw up. Also As she said she was 21 and now shes 36, I think if someone brought up my highschool plays and asked me to talk about them Id be embarrassed about how I looked and Talked too. Even though I was super proud at the time. Im sure she is proud of titanic and knows it did wonders for her career but she’s going back and talking about a 15 year old film, of course she’s going to be embarrassed and weird about it.

  • I agree with the first 2 comments AND most actors say they don’t like watching themselves on screen. If she raved about herself/her acting I’m sure someone would have something bad to say about that as well. I don’t understand why honesty is being bashed these days.

  • dang it, I had to repost just so my correct icon would show up! :P
    btw I’ve NEVER watched Titanic. bleck.

  • I don’t even understand why it needs to be re-released in 3D in the first place(?!?) but honestly have you heard My Heart Will Go On?!? Ugh I want to barf myself when it comes on and I’m not even in the same situation-that was the most overplayed song when the film came out

  • Uh. We all get it, it’s a sappy over played song. That being said, the song brings out strong feelings in people, good or bad, and that’s what makes it awesome. Some people are just too cool and hip to appreciate the power of it. It brings you back to a different time in your life. And for Celine, she is the master. If you haven’t seen her perform live, you’re missing out.

  • Where exactly does she trash Titanic? She says she’s sick of the song and that seeing herself fifteen years ago was weird…

  • She doesn’t sound like she’s trashing Titanic. She was a teenager when that was shot, so if you think about it, it’s like her highschool years. It’s only natural to do some severe eye rolling at those old memories and photos.

  • i had no idea those two were that old, and i thought she was at least 6 years older than him :O