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Quotables: Blake Lively is Hot, Married, and Wants a Zillion Kids, Of Course

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“I’m a very shy person. I can be outgoing, but I’m also very private. I’ve always wanted a big family. Oh, I’d love 30 if I could.”

So wait, now. Let’s break this down one by one, shall we? “I’m a very shy person.” How about that one, for starters—not many shy people I know take nude photos. Because the word shy, by its very definition, means “easily frightened.” Or “disposed to avoid a certain person or thing.” Or, hey, even “secluded”, and “hidden.” And the was positively nothing secluded or hidden about Blake’s completely awesome nude leak. Some people will say, “Yeah, well, those photos were supposed to be PRIVATE, Sarah,” and to those people I say, “Not many shy people take nude photos period,” OK?

And moving on to the big family thing—I think this girl is positively lovely and beautiful, and her new husband, Ryan Reynolds isn’t all that bad, either, I suppose. If these two want to go ahead and have thirty kids, then I say by all means, go ahead and get ‘er done. Can you imagine how beautiful thirty children by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds would be? Odds are at least one of them would have to be a total Venus or Adonis.

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  • I don’t think Private nude photos have anything to do with being shy or not. You don’t expect people but the person it was intended for to see it, and if you trust them you can still be shy in general. Its a lot to judge someone for what they do with those they are intimate with. That has nothing to do with their public persona as shy or not shy.

  • Yeah, I’m really shy when I meet people, but I’ve taken private nude photos for a partner before. (I don’t like Blake Lively either way; but that shy-people-don’t-take-naked-pics thing struck me as weird).