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Hey! It’s Jon Hamm’s Penis! For You!

photo of jon hamm's penis dick pictures
Well, and for me, and for his lady, Jennifer Westfeldt, and for pretty much anyone who wants to know what it looks like while Jon is in the process of trying to mentally suppress an erection in mid-rise (and why he got it in the first place, hmm?).

All of the photos are after the jump, and while they’re not exactly NFSW, some of the blown-up ones … well, they show a penis clothed in light, tight pants. And would your boss be OK with you ogling that on the clock? Mine is, but that’s a different story entirely.

Jump in for JON HAMM’S WANG.

photo of jon hamm penis erection photos pictures naked photo
And here it is again, starting to flaccid-up a little bit:

photo of jon hamm erection pictures photo
And the extra-large size:

photo of jon hamm pictures penis erection photo
And some balls:

photo of jon hamm balls pictures nudes pic
And last, the final question—after seeing these pictures, you wanna hit that (if you didn’t to begin with)?

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