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Kristen Stewart Breaks Her Silence, Says She and Robert Pattinson are “Totally Fine”

photo of kristen stewart at tiff pictures photos on the road pic
From Us Weekly:

The Twilight star, 22, spoke to the Associated Press at the Toronto International Film Festival Saturday — where she’s currently promoting On the Road — about having to walk red carpets and navigate press conferences with Pattinson by her side for The Twilight Saga’s final installment, Breaking Dawn — Part 2.

“We’re going to be fine,” she said of her now-estranged love of three years. “We’re totally fine.”

So, when she says, “we”, does she mean she and Rob, professionally? Does she mean “we” as in the production itself? Does she mean “we” as in her and her mom, since they’re all BFFs now and single together and buying houses in joint name? Or, and this is what I’m hoping for, does she mean “we”, you know, with Rob on a more personal level? And if so, is Rob going to be all mad that she made another public statement without his knowledge or consent?

God, guys. So much drama, I can barely keep my head on straight.

Also, that photo. Oh my goodness. Girl should get some sleep. Or some sun. Maybe even some protein would do the trick, but holy God. Get … I don’t know, get well, Kristen. Because you sure look sick in this set.

Sure is a far cry from this, which was only the other night:

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      • She looks like she used that concealer all over her face! Seriously, at best she’s hired a whole new make-up team (whether or not they are from this planet, I couldn’t say) or she’s had some kind of very odd looking plastic surgery.

  • Psycho delusional bitch needs to shower for once in her life. Greasy is not attractive what so ever. In her mind she’s still with rob. he needs to tell her to go away forever.

  • Lay off her, she’s young, she looks like she was just partying the night before and didn’t get enough sleep in that top picture.

  • I think she means “we’re fine” as in “leave me the hell alone.” They’ve never been open about their relationship, so what do you expect her to say? “Oh, we’re over and now I’m depressed.” ???