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Kim Kardashian “Worries” That Her Butt Might Be Too Big

photo of kim kardashian's butt pictures ass pic
This is what Kim captioned the above photo with last night:

Ummm in a fitting w @MonicaRoseStyle I think my butt looks too big in these jeans

See, guys, this is why Kim Kardashian’s just a positive paradox. Seriously. Sometimes she says she’s “confident” in the way that she looks, and other times? Well, other times we have her questioning her own self-proclaimed perfection and then we have photos like this, that are just begging for attention. Honestly, if she was really worried about her ass looking too big, she wouldn’t have posted the above photo at all. She might as well post a picture of her tits that are 7/8 exposed saying, “I think my boobs look too sexual in this photo.” Come on. I’m not sure what kind of wool girlfriend thinks she’s trying to pull over our eyes, but whatever it is, it’s been washed in hot water, dried on high heat, and stretched to oblivion. It’s just not fitting, friends.

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  • Her butt does look too big in that photo. However, almost anyone’s butt would look too big in shiny skin-tight leather pants photographed close up. Gimme a break.

  • I’m not sure why anyone would want a huge ass like that (that is just too much stretched out skin back there…) which she clearly wants, and I just don’t get it…

  • Picturing mountains of poop squeezed outta that big ol badonk, *VOM*, oh kuntrashian, go away.

  • Butt looks too big in those jeans, well considering you stick your big ass out for every photographer to click and we have to see it all the time, it’s about time you realized you have a big ass and maybe loosen up your clothes.

  • Well maybe if she stopped filling it up with fat, silicone, helium, or whatever other random substances she’s been shoving in there …

    I’m all for curves and a nice booty, but she is disproportionate now and it looks ridiculous. She’s like a cartoon or caricature of her former (quite pretty) self.