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LEAKED PHOTOS: Prince Harry Partied Naked in Vegas and You Missed It

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So as it turns out, Prince Harry was playing a little strip pool, and the ladies he was playing with decided to take it to Twitter. AND POSTED NAKED PHOTOS OF PRINCE HARRY TO TWITTER. Do you understand the gravity of the situation? Nudes! Prince Ginger Harry nudes!

In one of the two shots (above), Harry is seen cupping his genitals to preserve some … I don’t know, modesty, or maybe it was because he just didn’t want to show off. I mean, we’ve all seen his penis anyway, so we know it’s nothing to be ashamed of, so I’m thinking it’s probably that second thing I said. In the second shot (after the jump, due to it’s semi-NSFW nature), he’s seen “bear-hugging” another naked woman with his ass crack exposed. And when I say “bear-hugging,” I mean something along the lines of “butt-f-cking,” if that term isn’t too passe to use.

Anyway, this is what a rep for the royal family had to say about the photos:

“We have no comment to make on the photos at this time.”

Images courtesy of TMZ

photo of prince harry nudes pictures naked leaked photos

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  • This sucks….. Poor guy was blowing off some steam and some wormy cocksucker twitters some pics…. Number one: This is Vegas, what happens there, yadda yadda yadda…. Number two: A gentleman or gentlelady, never talks/records for posterity, about anything illicit in which they may have participated.

    • Leave him alone. He’s a young man having a good time, it’s his business and people shouldn’t judge. They were young once, they’re only jealious.

    • Number one: This rule applies to most. The royal family is apparently the exception. Dumbass should have assumed this. Number two: This rule applies to most. The royal family is apparently the exception. Dumbass should have assumed this.

  • he is young let him have some fun you are only young once i think he is entitled to let his hair down with out all of the press on his back

  • I want to see more of that sweet asscrack and that beautiful tight pink asshole…spread those pretty cheeks Harry Baby!! I’d fuck him so damn hard in that white pasty ass of his…he’d be ready to give up his claim to the throne.

  • He must have been damn loaded to have let all that happen.

    He’s a wild one alright and surely not the first royal to have engaged in such antics (there are plenty of stories about the lasciviousness of his ancestors who had the benefit of having no cameras recording their every move). Funny that he doesn’t have an entourage to protect him.

    Anyway, he seems like an above average dude to me in most respects (kind and humanitarian like his mother and brother) and I don’t give a shit how he parties on his down time.

  • Mmmmmm, that booty…that big, beautiful booty. Nothing like a hot ass. Our prince just needs a long stiff rod up his sweet butt to help teach him a lesson about public decorum, thats all. Let me have him for a day or two and I’d teach him a HARD lesson he’d never forget…and he’d think twice about showing that pink pretty ass in public again.

  • he really needs some CLOSE friends to watch his back. Sucks that these have gone viral. He does have a wicked body though (: and nice buns of steal!!! That person that has posted these should be ashamed of themselves and remember KARMA will come back and bite them in the ass one day. Harry you are an awesome royal and u have the right to do what the hell u like in private….don’t be ashamed b/c we have all been there to some extent. To the Queen, go easy on him, it is the person who posted these that is the bad one, but get him someone to watch his back will u for those times he does let his hair down.

    • Forget that. Harry had fun, just like any other person. Can’t he be like us, or is that too much to ask. We all need to be or not to be. That is the question!

    • Other people on the pedestal like harry had done more than this but it wasn’t out in the media, it just happened that when it was harry’s time, there were bitches around him!

  • I would imagine that his security team will all lose their jobs over this and no doubt he has instructed them to give him a few moments off radar.

    I think he is a likeable young chap , represented his country in the field of war and has strong ethics. He likes to party but you have to say he can’t be the brightest or be surrounded by the most protective of mates if he gets caught out like this.

    At some stage he will be entrapped and in serious shit.

  • Yes, Leave the prince alone. He got a private life worth of. Eventhough he is a prince, he wants a joy, cheerful, and normal youth funny life.

  • I agree with Jill Carroll, leave Prince Harry alone !! he has the
    right to have some fun once a while just like all of us when we
    were his age. He is still a prince, I think he will be a loving

  • Young man gets taken off the frontline due to media interference, photographed during other antics
    Too bad for him it’s never gonna end.
    Sux to be you Harry…..

    I think the man deserves a break… CHUR

  • Good on you Harry, good to see a young bloke getting out and enjoying himself.. Who cares, if i was a prince and had the life that you have full of responsibilities, i would want to let off some steam occasionally to.. Lay off Harry, good to see a bit of normality in the Royals :)