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Whoa! Megan Fox! Where’d Your Baby Bump Go?

photo of megan fox pictures pregnancy bump photo
PSYCH! Here’s Megan‘s baby bump, fashionably camouflaged underneath a dress that only Megan Fox’s most hardcore fans could appreciate:

photo of megan fox baby bump pictures
Seriously, though, staying true to form, Megan Fox is probably the most perfect pregnant woman on the face of the earth, jokeless. But honestly, what else would you expect?

What I want to know, though, is when will this baby be born? I feel like Megan’s been pregnant for ages, but it’s really only since June that we’ve had some iron-clad evidence that Megan’s carrying (a fetus, guys, not a weapon), but she’s got to be way further along than just three or four months, right? The pregnancy rumors really began to plague Megan way back in March, so that would make her, what, five or so months along? That could be about right, right?

One way or the other, God. Doesn’t she just look amazing?

Images courtesy of Socialite Life

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    • Yeah, I’m not a fan of hers, but that dress needs to be mine!!! Thank you for posting a photo of an unhorrifying (i.e.Jessica Simpson) pregnant woman. I bet it’s a boy, because she is all baby.

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  • Well, well, aren’t you the clever little stalker?! Seriously, I’d like to be friends with you. We could team up and show these “bloggers” how to go nuclear!!!

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