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Katy Perry Mooned Everyone at a Water Park This Weekend

photo of katy perry water slide mooning pictures
So, I’m sure you can imagine that a photo of a celebrity in this kind of situation will always, always render some pretty interesting results, and in this case, it was more than just a, “Ha, Katy Perry wiped out.” No, this was a full-on, “OMG LOL LOOK AT KATY PERRY‘S BARE ASS,” because that’s exactly what happened.

I won’t bore you with a lot of details, but I will tell you that when I saw these pictures this morning, I literally laughed myself off the chair, which isn’t too hard a feat to do these days, because, on a side note, I had the funniest thing ever happen to me this past weekend, and it’s been really, really easy to giggle at nothing (especially fully-exposed asses) since then.

So, my best friend of two decades came down to visit me (seriously, we’ve been friends since 1st grade), and we all decided to go out on Saturday night to have dinner and a drink and do some karaoke (because I love karaoke, dammit). My parents thought it would be a fun thing to come, too, so they did, and so we did, too, and halfway through the night, a younger kid approached me and said, “Wow, blah blah blah you have a pretty good voice, you should sing this one,” and he gestured to something in The Book. And, joking around, I said, “I’m not going to sing anything else ’til my mother gets up there and sings something!” And the kid turned around, looked at my friend, and said “Well, come on, mom, get up there and do something!” To which my best friend—who is the same age as I am—positively exploded, saying, “You think I’m her mother?! Her mother? Oh hell no.” She then turned around and looked at my husband and my actual mother and cried, “Look up a song called GO TO HELL so I can sing it just for this kid.”

Guys, I laughed so hard at the entire situation that I thought I was having a seizure. The whole world stopped (including any and all breathing that might have been happening during that ninety-second period), and for an entire minute, all I could do was clutch my stomach and laugh silently. The kid … I don’t even know where he went, because I was too busy trying to keep my insides together, but needless to say, the guy didn’t approach us for the rest of the evening.

Anyway. It’s over, and I guess you’d’ve had to have been there to get it, but hey. Funny stories, right? Jump in to see Katy Perry’s full-on moon, because FUNNY STORIES.

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  • I’m with you Sarah, karaoke bars can produce some of lifes most comedic moments. I was at a huge karaoke bar in Tokyo, some years ago….. Slightly overweight Japanese businessman, tie askew, doing the drunk weave and bobble heading towards the stage, begins singing: “Fee-reens….. nothing more than feeeee-reens” I’ve honestly never laughed so hard in my life!