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Chad Ochocinco Head-Butted His Wife … in The Head

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From ESPN:

Miami Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson has been released from a Florida jail on $2,500 bond, a day after he had been charged with domestic violence after his wife accused him of head-butting her during an argument.

Jail officials say the 34-year-old Johnson was released Sunday afternoon.

Chad Johnson has put his football future with the Dolphins in jeopardy following Saturday night’s alleged domestic incident, James Walker writes. Blog

Johnson’s defense attorney, Adam Swickle, says Johnson posted the bond Sunday morning. Swickle says a no-contact order has been issued that prevents Johnson from contacting his wife, Evelyn Lozada.

And what, you wonder, would a husband headbutt a wife over? Well, condoms, naturally. And the fact that Chad’s wife, Evelyn Lozada, who is a star on Basketball Wives. Which is probably a stupid show, but I wouldn’t know, because I don’t watch it. Primarily because it sounds like it’s a stupid show. Anyway, Evelyn supposedly found a receipt for a box of condoms—details are still kind of sketchy—and wondered why oh why her faithful husband would need condoms in a monogamous marriage (I’m assuming they practice other forms of birth control if needed). Word on the street is that the two engaged in an argument, and Chad was said to headbutt Evelyn at the conclusion of the fight.

Sources are also saying that there’s no “alleged” to the incident, either, and that Evelyn’s going to press charges. says that there’s a whole lot of he-said, she-said BS happening, but ultimately, Evelyn’s pissed and she’s not backing down from it, either:

Lozada claims that Johnson became upset, grabbed her, and head-butted here. She says Johnson yelled:

“I don’t give a (expletive)! I don’t give a (expletive) about my career!”

Lozada then walked to a neighbor’s house and waited for them to come home before calling the police.

Johnson’s account is rather different. He claimed that Lozada head-butted him, which caused the three-inch laceration that was visible on her forehead. He also said that she yelled “(Expective) it!”

Beyond the “he said, she said” version of events, the most notable part of the report is that Lozada told the police she wanted to press charges. She signed an affidavit saying so.

Chad, if you aren’t already aware, is a receiver for the Miami Dolphins. And on a related note? These two were just married last month, OK? Last month.

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    • I have Dolphins season tickets and don’t understand why they drafted him in the first place. He has been “ochostinko” for a while. Chad has been mouthing off about pimpin’ and generally making an ass out of himself in the media. No one will hire him now. Good riddance.

  • Too funny. What did he expect from a woman who fame-whores in a REALITY series like “Basketball Wives?” Hopefully they’ll dissolve this unholy alliance immediately.

  • Sounds like a Ike and Tina Turner relationship. Punch her in her mouth and then she falls to the ground crying, five minutes later he asks her why are you crying for, picks her up, kisses her and says; “You know I love you, I did that for you, but don’t tell no one, I just want you to be a better person.” She falls for it and takes him back like a dumb bitch…

    Situation# fuked up, Both parties #fuked up…….lets place our bets, she is going to pull a Katie Holmes on him before it’s all said and done…….