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Love It or Leave It: Vanessa Hudgens, Bless Her Heart

A photo of Vanessa Hudgens

You know, we really can’t blame Vanessa Hudgens for this atrocity of an ensemble. When your claims to fame are being Zac Efron’s former soulmate and a leaked nudey picture scandal, and when both of those things happened years ago, you have to do what you can to generate some press. It doesn’t look like Disney is going to make another High School Musical movie any time soon, so Vanessa has clearly decided to stay in the spotlight by wearing the most horrendous clothes she can find. Good for you, Vanessa.

But what on earth is that … I don’t even know what it’s called. That gauzy jacket thing she’s wearing. It looks like part of a Halloween costume my grandma made me when I was 11. And does she have remarkably dainty ankles, or are those men’s boots? And don’t even get me started on those leopard print short shorts with the big ol’ cooter zipper. It’s just for the press. That’s all it is. It’s just for the press.

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  • I like the torn and bunchy black top and the grandma macrame knitting bag. Girl’s scoring on all fronts. :)

  • Oh my days have you seen the thousands of comments you have on the Vanessa Hudgens’ nudie post?

  • ummm she is in a movie with John Cusack and Nicolas Cage and it was confirmed that she will be on Machete. So no, HSM and her ex are not her only claims to fame. Plus I kind of like the look!

  • Seriously? ….she’s hot and her outfit is just fine….plus she’s already had four movies out since HSM3, and four more in post production or completed, and due out later this year or next. They include “The Frozen Ground” with Nic Cage and John Cusack, “Spring Breakers” with James Franco, “Gimme Shelter” with Brendan Fraser & Rosario Dawson, and “Machete Kills” with an all-star cast.
    I’d say she has successfully moved beyond those HSM days and Zac Efron!

  • You think this outfit is bad?? What about the atrocity that is Sucker Punch!?!?! Goodwolfe21, you forgot about THAT movie. Yeah.. wonder why. I like the outfit for myself… but on her, it looks weird.