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Love It or Leave It: Vanessa Hudgens Stepped Right Out of 1996

A photo of Vanessa Hudgens with Concept Korea at New York Fashion Week

What a snappy little ensemble! Vanessa Hudgens attended the 2011 Concept Korea presentation at New York Fashion Week yesterday. Hudgens dressed to the nine(tee)s without overdoing anything.

First of all, this dress. It’s totally channeling Express in 1996, which is to say, I love it. Is crushed velvet really making a comeback? I love it all, from the asymmetric neckline to the ruching on the side. (Ordinarily, I would not love this dress because there’s no waist on it, which threatens to make any short girl look stumpy.) But the dress really works here! The velvet is almost too fancy-pants, but those satin straps take it down a notch. Also, the cocktail length somehow makes the dress OK for daytime.

Other observations: Hudgens didn’t overaccessorize! Good. She always wears a lot of rings, though. I wore a lot of rings in high school (and some finger armor), and I thought it looked cool, too. Now I think it looks awful, but who cares. I’m not too sure about her weird neck bracelet, either, which is straight out of the Matrix, but whatever.

Also, her short hair hasn’t grown out yet, I don’t think, which maybe means that coif is a wig. An awesome wig. Perfect length, perfect shape, perfect everything.

The shoes are great; they match the vibe of the dress. Strappy, classy, kind of asymmetrical. Probably easy enough to walk in, too, which is important at an event like this. They look a lot like shoes by Chinese Laundry (still around! Making a comeback! Totally 90s!).

My one real complaint is the bronzer on Hudgens’ arms. I think she tried to slim her arms with illusive powder, but up close it just looks like she’s wearing body glitter. Body glitter, ugh. There are some mid-90s trends that don’t need to be revisited.

Oh! Also! On Thursday night, Vanessa DJ’d at Pop Chips Playland, as part of the Fashion Week festivities.

What do you think? How’d Vanessa do?

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