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Taylor Swift Is Dating A Kennedy Now

A photo of Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy

You see that little ragamuffin up there, that tall, lanky kid with the unkempt hair and the douchey shorts with his arm around Taylor Swift? That’s Conor Kennedy, 18-year-old son of Robert Kennedy, Jr. That’s also Taylor’s boyfriend.

From People:

Over the Fourth of July, Taylor Swift was photographed hugging Patrick Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver’s son. But now it appears that Conor Kennedy, the son of Robert Kennedy Jr. and the late Mary Kennedy, is actually Taylor’s love interest. He is pictured just to the right of Swift in the same photo – and the two have been spending lots of time together.

On July 25, Swift, 22, and Kennedy, 18, enjoyed slices at Kennedy family favorite Marcella’s Pizza in his hometown, Mount Kisco, N.Y., and “walked out hand-in-hand,” according to a source. Earlier that day, Kennedy was appointed as the administrator of his late mom’s $2.1 million-plus estate, according to the Boston Herald.

Days later, the pair grabbed pizza again and visited with his grandmother, Ethel Kennedy. And on July 29, they lunched with friends at Baxter’s on Cape Cod where she ate chicken fingers and sat next to Kennedy. Swift “was smiling a lot and she looked happy,” says an observer.

The New York Post also reports that the couple were seen kissing and holding hands over the weekend.

Swift has been open about her love for all things Kennedy. She said she was “starstruck” when she met Caroline and Ethel in January, and has called Jackie Kennedy a style inspiration.

And the Kennedy’s seem to admire the Grammy-winning country star as well. On Dec. 3, Swift will be honored by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights for her commitment to social change, especially her work against bullying and LGBT discrimination. Ethel Kennedy will present the award.

I know that Taylor Swift has the mentality of an eighth grader, but she’s 22. Isn’t it a little weird that she’s dating an 18-year-old? Not weird like “oh, so gross, Taylor Swift is robbing the cradle,” but just weird in that when I was 22 (two whole years ago), I would have never ever even considered the possibility of dating an 18-year-old boy. It just seems like even though it’s only a difference of four years, those four years are some really important ones. And maybe Conor is mature for his age, but judging solely by his hair, I really don’t think so.

But hey, do you think this could be the relationship that really sticks for Taylor? LOL, I doubt it, but I hope Taylor has fun playing pretend for a couple of months.

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