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Miley is Nude All Over the Place

photo of miley in the tub pictures
This is a photo that Too Fab unearthed earlier this week, and best guesses are that this was one of Miley‘s racier promo photos for her ‘Gypsy Heart’ tour back in ’11, and one thing is for certain—it’s pretty hot. Miley would be eighteen in this picture, I guess, so legal eagles, fear not, but still. Something about Miley looking so girlish and young in comparison to what she looks like today leaves one feeling rather … I don’t know, unsettled. It’s like seeing a young woman who’s not quite yet a woman on the brink of becoming … well, a woman.

Also, to touch upon the whole “… nude all over the place” part of the headline, Miley went and Tweeted this photo yesterday after posting a status saying:

our love is our greatest art

And this was the semi-NSFW picture, after the jump:

photo of miley cyrus pictures nude twitter pic
Some are saying it’s Miley and a friend, and others are saying … well, everyone’s saying that it’s Miley and a friend, because otherwise, it’s really just a non-story, now, isn’t it? But hey! Miley Cyrus nudes! All over the place! Whee!

Tub image courtesy of Too Fab

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  • i saw that photo of body painting years ago. i’ve tried searching through google but i can’t find the artist. that photo is on several “best body paintings” lists, an example: (this one is dated 2009). if this photo has been floating around the net for some 3, 4, maybe 5 years…then i guess no, that’s not miley.