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The Crap is Hitting the Fan in the Jackson Family Feud: Katherine Jackson Loses Guardianship

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I don’t even know why I’m bothering to cover this when there are RELATIONSHIPS BEING TORN APART BY SELFISH, BITCHY, FOUL CHEATING, but I am, and here’s the latest:

—Katherine Jackson’s legal and physical guardianship of Paris, Blanket, and Prince Jackson is temporarily suspended.
—TJ Jackson, a cousin or something of the kids, has been named temporary guardian of all three children.
—A laywer is advising TJ Jackson to move for permanent guardianship, thus removing Grandma Katherine Jackson from the child-rearing altogether.
—TJ claims that there’s something wrong with Katherine, and wherever she is, she sounded like she was speaking to him “in code” via phone.
—Katherine’s lawyer claims that she believes Katherine is being held against her will.
—Where the f-ck is Joe Jackson is all of this? Is he dead? I just don’t even know.
—Katherine is supposedly “coming home” today, from wherever it is she’s been (people are saying a spa, and a spa that doesn’t even allow its patrons to have phones).

I’m going to ask this question one more time: what the hell is going on in this family? Where is Katherine Jackson, for real, and is she ever going to be able to go on vacation ever again (if that’s where she is, anyway)?

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  • i think that this whole jackson kids things are jealous because Michael gave his mom sole custody of Paris,Prince Michael and Blanket therefore the sisters and bro. of Michael are greedy and the kids of Michael should choose where they wanna live and for those of some jackson family whom love the kids so much should take into consideration that Katherine is doing a great job, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. I was a big fan of Michaels and i wish the best for his children.

    • How can you say Katherine is doing a “great job”? She is somewhere and nobody really seemed to know where she is? Yep Great job looking after these children.

  • To Sarah, the writer of this article. I think you ought to have a little more respect for this family if you’re going to write about them. Example: TJ Jackson, a cousin “or something” of the kids. “Or something” makes him sound irrelevant. Even I know he is a first cousin to Prince, Paris, and Blanket.

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