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Is Avril Lavigne Dating This Chick?

photo of avril lavigne lesbian pictures
Well, maybe. She did strike out with both Deryck Whibley and that bag of dicks, Brody Jenner, so maybe she’s gone and decided that she’d do better batting (or catching, or whatever) for the other team.

These photos are of Avril Lavigne and some friends in Cabo San Lucas, where water-frolicking, beer-drinking, and general revelry happened, because DUH, Sk8er Boi. It’s about time that Avril got back out into the world, too, because she and that Jenner asshat broke up back in January, and there’s hardly been word of her since then. Seriously, the last time we talked about Avril here was back in … well, in June, but that was only because there was this weird relationship rumor going ’round that she was hooking up with Marilyn Manson (false, thank God), but prior to that, we’d only spoken about her two or three times, and it was just to mock her hair and her music. Like normal.

Whatever. All I can say is that whoever this girl is, Avril would be better off hooking up with her. She’s oodles better-looking than Deryck Whibley, and probably a hell of a lot classier than Brody f-cking Jenner. I say go for it, if you haven’t yet already, Avril.

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