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It’s Cool, Michael Jackson’s Mom Is OK

A photo of Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson

I could tell that you were all very, very worried about the mysterious case of Katherine Jackson, so when I read that she was fine, I knew I had to tell you guys, first thing. So calm your hearts, all right? Because Katherine is totally fine, she’s just spending time with a relative in Arizona. Maybe.

From TMZ:

Katherine Jackson has spoken to police, and she is not in danger … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ police were able to make contact with Katherine today … and she informed them “she is fine and with a family member.”

Another source tells us she is Arizona.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department has been investigating Katherine’s whereabouts since she was reported missing late Saturday night.

We’re told the Sheriff’s Dept. is still speaking to Jackson family members to find out exactly why Katherine’s nephew filed the missing person report in the first place.

Yeah, and why did Paris Jackson tweet that she was missing and that she hadn’t spoken with her in a week? Was she just foolin’, or is something more going on here?

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  • Who’s watching over the kids she is legally bound to care for.. and this is a warning ahead of the time Katherine is giving in to and choosing the side of the ebil ones she raised.. over the ones Michael had and entrusted her with.. and so on of the soul and spirit, killing, consuming devastating property train wreak that doesn’t stop happening in slow-mo normally in that family.. One day the money source will stop and they won’t have anyone or thing profitable enough to extort to pay their way to the life luxury….

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