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Demi Lovato Does Self, Talks About Rehab and ‘X-Factor’

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Demi Lovato is still around, and she’s still gorgeous and still talking about all of the big things going on in her life like the fact that she’s still out of rehab and still doing ‘X-Factor’. Here’s a quick excerpt from her latest interview with Self magazine—it’s apparent that Demi’s still doing pretty well for herself.

Demi on her post-rehab natural therapy:

“I’m treating myself with love and doing good things for my mind and soul.”

On what she does to keep herself healthy and fit:

“I work out five or six days a week for my peace of mind, not to lose weight. I switch it up, I’ll run a few miles or bike from Santa Monica to Mariuna del Ray. I also love boxing or, when I’m sore, yoga.”

On her experience as a judge on ‘The X-Factor’:

“It’s so much fun! I root for everyone. I mean, it’s not the best feeling when you’re watching someone and cringing. But when a person’s confidence is magnetic, I don’t ever have to hear her to think, ‘Oh, this girl has got something.'”

So, nice. Yeah. Boring, but nice. I’m not saying that she should go do stuff that’s going to land her in rehab, ’cause that’s just not something we want to encourage around here, but she should start doing some more interesting stuff, probably.

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