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Nicki Minaj Is Very Serious About Proper Lawn Care

A photo of Nicki Minaj

From Hollywood Rag:

Nicki Minaj demanded the grass outside her dressing room at T in the Park be cut shorter.

The ‘Starships’ hitmaker refused to walk around her private area at the Scottish music festival last weekend because the lawn had not been trimmed sufficiently and insisted someone tackle the greenery before she would step outside.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Nicki went mad about the grass around her area, saying it was far too long for her to walk on.

“She threw a complete strop, pouting and pointing and asking someone to get a lawnmower to sort it out.”

Nicki – who is also said to have made the same demand at the BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend festival in London last month – was later blasted on twitter by a fellow performer at the annual music event, which took place in Balado Park, Kinross.

Singer Frank Turner tweeted: “You can (I suppose) be a d**k to your own crew, you’re paying them. But everyone else? Not to mention the people out front. Ugh.

“To clarify: Nicki Minaj has been a selfish s***head to all the hard-working crew backstage at T. Pathetic. F**k off.”

The rapper also angered the crowd as when she eventually made it onto the stage 50 minutes late; her 30-minute performance was booed by fans after she appeared to be miming for much of it.

One fan said: “We were buzzing for the gig and it turned out to be a total joke. Disaster doesn’t even describe it.”

It’s always been fascinating to me to think about how people get this way. Like, Nicki Minaj actually thought that forcing someone to mow the grass outside of her dressing room because it was too long to walk on would be an acceptable thing to do. How is that possible? How do you have a dream job where you get to do what you’ve always wanted to do and get paid insane amounts of money for doing it and still act that way? I would imagine that it would be the opposite, that you’d just be stoked on your whole life every single day, but it seems like that’s rarely the case. And of course I get having bad days, but during the worst day possible, I can’t imagine being this rude to another human being.

What I’m saying is that for the amount of money Nicki gets paid, she can suffer through some tall grass, quit your bitchin’, walk it off, etc., etc.

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  • Stars are pumped up by their handlers so they can go on stage (or film or whatever) and do what they do.

    Some people, when they hear this over and over, believe that yes, they are truly flawless. Add in some drugs to help stave off nerves … and you get batshit-land.

    Also, people who perceive themselves to be of low status often exaggerate gestures, space, and volume of speech to compensate.

    The next time you see an adult being loud and/or wild in public, observe them. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

    Looking over her bio, she’s got the same alter-ego (or fractured psyche) problem as Britney. Apparently her parents were abusive.

    When one reaches that level of mania, trivialities can become important (I’d guess for the same reason they are to OCD people.).

    Looking at all of the above, it isn’t that difficult to understand why she does the things she does. I imagine she’s under a lot of pressure and honing in on something trivial might make her feel like she has some level of control.

  • This is a legitimate question: Is that thing real? Good heavens, that’s an awfully big bum. I’m not quite sure if I’m looking at a butt job or if that’s all natural. Seriously, not trying to be an ass (sorry, bad pun), but really?

    • Nope. Nicki had a buttload (sorry! *holds hands up* had to) of plastic surgery. She looked really good before too.

      She had her nose trimmed to make her more race-neutral, butt implants (or fat-blast), and (likely) breast implants.

      Shes somewhat lighter too, which has lead to speculation she had her skin lightened. I’m gonna bet that is makeup though.

      One source is celebrityplasticsurgery. Go look it up.

      I’m gonna guess KimmyK had a fat-blast too. It wouldn’t show up as implants but would do the same thing; albeit temporarily.

  • She’s one of the many celebrity types who seek fame precisely so they can act that way.

    The ones who are truly into it for the art usually behave a little more graciously.

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