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Happy Independence Day!

photo of lindsay lohan fourth of july pictures
Or if you’re in another part of the world that’s not the US, Happy The US-is-Practically-Shut-Down-Day!

As you all know, we celebrate our independence from England today, as we’ve been doing year in and year out for the past two-hundred thirty-six years or something, and we intend to do it the right way.

What am I doing this fine Fourth of July? Well, dressing my family and myself in various scraps of red, white, and blue, barbecuing all sorts of high-fat, high-cholesterol meats that are more than likely coated in some kind of sticky, sugary substance, and watching fiery explosions in the nighttime sky while drinking mint juleps and gin and tonics.

Good thing we’re free, y’all.

What are you guys doing, if anything?

Check out celebrities in red, white, and blue in the meantime, and we’ll see you tomorrow! Be safe!

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