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I Hate You, MTV

photo of scream poster pictures mtv series pic
From THR:

The network is developing a TV series adaptation of Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson’s horror franchise Scream, sources confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.

As first reported by TV Line, former MTV executives Tony DiSanto (The Hills, Teen Wolf, Teen Mom) and Liz Gateley (The Hard Times of RJ Berger) are on board to executive produce the project, with a search underway to find a writer to pen the project.

What role Scream director Craven and screenwriter Williamson would have with the project has yet to be determined.
Since debuting in 1996, the franchise — which stars Neve Campbell as Sidney along with Courteney Cox as investigative reporter Gale Weathers and David Arquette as loyal lawman Dewey — has spawned three sequels. The franchise has grossed more than $330 million worldwide.

“The franchise has grossed more than $330 million worldwide.” Which, DUH, is precisely why we should tarnish the films’ reputations with such rancid f-ckery a la Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and Teen Wolf. Sure, guys, seems like a great idea NOT.

So yeah. Thanks a lot, MTV. Not only did you single-handedly kill music television, but now you’re trying to do in classic contemporary horror flicks one by one? That’s awesome. Stop ruining everything! Quit killing everything I hold dear! GO GET REAL JOBS, YO!

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  • HOW?? How can you create a TV series from this? Is there going to be a different killer for each season? What happens when the whole town is dead? *hits MTV in the nose w/a newspaper* No, MTV, no! Bad MTV!

    This will be worse than when ABC Family tried w/10 Things I Hate About You.