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Emma Watson Has a Pink Dog and Everybody’s Mad

Ahem. From the Mail:

Picasso had his rose period – and now so too does Emma Watson’s dog Darcy, after the Harry Potter actress dyed her a shocking shade of bubblegum pink. Thanks to a fashionable £90 treatment, the one-year-old bichon frise now has a look that might go down well with pink-loving Hogwarts professor Dolores Umbridge – even if it has raised eyebrows among some animal-lovers.

Ms Watson was spotted with the pink pooch on the streets of Bethnal Green, East London, on Friday, after having the dye treatment at Groom Dog City. Owner Stuart Simons said: ‘Emma has dyed Darcy twice. Pink is our biggest colour, but I do look after another bichon called Casper who comes in for a blue mohican.’

He said the beetroot-based semi-permanent dye is harmless. ‘All the dyes I use are completely animal-friendly. They are made from vegetable dye. I wet the dog, rub it on like a shampoo, leave it for five minutes and then wash it off. Because Darcy is white, it takes really well. She is a very calm dog, absolutely lovely, and she enjoys her groom.’

But TV vet Emma Milne said: ‘Dogs are not playthings; they are not dolls. If you are putting a chemical on a dog’s fur, you could cause that dog problems. Even if the dye is completely safe – and the dye that Emma Watson has used should be absolutely fine – you are still altering the way the dog looks and smells to other animals. Potentially, it could have an effect on the way that dog interacts with other dogs. A dog is still a living object that hasn’t had any say on whether it wants to be pink.’

Unsurprisingly, Mr Simons – whose own dyed dogs have featured in campaigns for fashion house Mulberry – disagrees.

‘Lots of people say it’s cruel to dye a dog but I say, it takes no time, it doesn’t affect their skin and they don’t look in the mirror and go, “Oh, I’m so embarrassed.” Rather, they get so much attention in public and all the strokes and interaction, it can’t be a bad thing.’

He also believes his salon will see a sharp increase in ‘doggy dyes’ during the Olympics. ‘Oh yes,’ he said. ‘I expect to get a lot of requests for red, white and blue. And I may be able to do the Olympic circles on poodles.’

Emma, however, claims that she doesn’t have a dog and claims that the dog is pink because its owner is trying to raise money for breast cancer research. On her Twitter, she says:

Ayeye. Just to clarify one more time that I don’t have a dog. @PinkDarcyDog is pink because her owner is raising money for breast cancer.

Is that OK? Well. I don’t know. You’ll have to ask PETA or someone else who doesn’t think that this poodle thing is damn cute pink, because it is. Are you guys angry? Do you believe it’s not even hers? If it’s not, don’t you think she’d spend a little more time explaining whose it is rather than telling us why it’s pink instead?

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  • The dog looks stupid and will probably try to choke itself to death on its leash.
    You wouldn’t dye a kid’s hair.

  • the dog certainly got the attention.. maybe she should discuss breast cancer awareness! soo lame.. i’m a breast cancer fighter..

  • These haters need to shut the fuck up. Dogs don’t ‘suffer’ from being dyed by natural things. Dogs aren’t homophobic. Dogs don’t judge each other based on their color or looks, so the nay sayers here are LITERALLY complaining for no reason.

  • Her prior tweet indicated that the owner know Sophie Sumner. When I looked up that Daily Mail article they have completely rewrote it. They now say it isn’t her dog. I don’t get the big deal. The dye is a natural vegetable extract and doesn’t harm the animal. Plus the dog doesn’t know it is pink.

  • I think the bigger issue here is stupid people who will see this and go to the store and buy manic panic or whatever brand of pink/red/blue dye and use it on their dogs! People. Are. Stupid. They will try to replicate this cheaply on their own pets and harm them!!!!!! This is so fucking stupid.

  • The dog is her friends an it’s dyed pink to raise money for cancer charities. This has been resolved on Emma’s twitter for ages. Research?

  • Dogs are colorblind. I doubt the dye leaves much of a smell after a short period of time, if at all. As long as the dye is safe for the pet to use, then what’s the problem?

    DOGS ARE NOT PEOPLE. They don’t care what color they are – they don’t see colors like we do.

      • If the Khartrashians or Paris Hilton whorefame with dyed dogs, I may have to change my tune.

    • As you said, Dogs see most colors as muted, but can’t see orange, yellow, and green hues, if memory serves. They are dichromatic (meaning they have 2 color receptors as opposed to humans that have 3).

      They could probably see pink but wouldn’t care at all. Dog’s have a much better visual understanding than, say, cats. They recognize others by a combination of sight and smell.

      Cats, on the other hand, recognize primarily by smell and can’t see red. They wouldn’t care either.

      (If you want to see something funny, put a hat on one of your cats. The others won’t recognize the disguised cat until they get close enough to smell (within a foot or so).)

      Dogs aren’t bothered by beet smells. Have you ever dipped a dog? They snort and try to scrub it off constantly. This dog doesn’t care about that either.

      Not to mention beet smell would be a hell of a lot less than the shampoo most people use on ’em.

      Dogs roll in dead things to DISGUISE their smell; so I doubt a dog would really notice beet juice, or care.

      That being said, I would shy away from cosmetic crap on dogs. It does put them into the same box as “stuff” instead of creatures and I guess I have more respect for them than that.

      However, on the other hand, people dress up their children in ‘cute’ outfits and haircuts, so … would this really be different?

  • I dont’ see how a dog being dyed pink will raise money for breast cancer instaed of spending the £90 on dying the dog a horrible bright pink why didnt emma’s “friend” give the money to the charity.The only reason this dog has got so much attention is because on the other end of the leash is Emma Watson who BTW doesn’t even own the dog so why was she taking it to the doggy groom city for a friend??was the friend to lazy to walk there herself.
    I have to admire though anyone who supports Cancer research. Its a course worth putting money into hopefully our bright bold friend and hermione will raise some money :)

    • It’s called publicity. The dog has a Twitter account (and I’m sure that also Facebook or web page), and a cute pink dog catches people’s attention. Therefore, they are more likely to donate. Jesus, it’s the XXI century, I thought we already knew this things.

  • Calm down, she just washed the dog with her special time panties. It will wear off in a couple of days.

  • Emma Watson can do no wrong! She is so cute! Its for a good cause, and it doesn’t hurt the dog. And I would definitely dye my dog’s fur pink, if I had extra money lying around.

  • This isn’t Emma’s dog so this is nothing against Emma. First, this dog is not of emma watson, it is of her friend Sophie summer. Second, you are so hypocritical. You love the Twilight movies and there vampires sucking the blood of animals and kill them in this movies. And if you are so ecological, why not helped emma watson with ecological clothing line for people tree?

  • She DID say who the owner was and that she was just walking the dog for that day. But I guess fact checking is too complicated for whoever wrote this post.