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Watch This: The Muppets Blooper Reel!

There have been a handful of entertainment experiences I’ve had in my life that have made me cry out of sheer joy. The first one I can remember happened when I was 15 and my dad took me to see a touring production of Cats: there was an issue with the seating, so a big group of people had to stand off to the side during the opening number before we were seated, and I was just sobbing, I was so happy to be there. The second one happened last year when The Lion King was re-released in theaters. It was during “Circle of Life,” and all the animals just looked so happy, and I could remember when my mom brought home the VHS and my sister and I watched it over and over and over, and I just burst into tears. Then, inexplicably, I was so overjoyed that I cried once again when I saw The Muppets.

It was weird, because watching The Muppet Christmas Carol every Christmas and watching Muppet Babies at my grandma’s house sometimes are the only memories I have of these lovable guys. It wasn’t like they were all that close to my heart or anything, but it was just such an incredibly happy, fun movie that I got overwhelmed with emotion. And that might be lame, but that’s just me, you guys.

I had the same reaction when I rented the movie a couple of months ago, and yes, I cried again when I saw this blooper reel. Come on, look at Jason Segel‘s face! And Amy Adams is so adorable! And Fozzie Bear and Gonzo and oh god, you guys, it’s happening again.

Did anyone else react this way to The Muppets? Please don’t tell me I’m alone in this.

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  • Super late to see it but just watched the dvd. Totally got teary eyed and cried. I let the tears completely flow when the sang rainbow connection. So many memories. It was great!