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The Muppets Official Trailer Fills Me With Inexplicable Joy

What are you guys doing this Thanksgiving? I never really understood the whole “go to the movies during the holiday” thing, but I might actually take the special time I have explicitly reserved in my cold, dead heart for Thanksgiving and devote a few hours to go and see this throwback to my totally awesome childhood.

After a few spoofs and a really great teaser, the above – official – Muppets trailer is finally here, and I’m really excited about it. These guys were an integral part of my growing up, and I’m so glad that it appears nothing’s changed in the way these old friends are being portrayed.

Are you guys going to go see this movie? Who’s your favorite Muppet? I was always partial to Kermit. And Gonzo. Even though those bastards were always at odds with one another over the swine-like, bon-bon swilling Miss Piggy. Some girls have all the luck.

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