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Drop Everything You’re Doing and Watch The New Muppet Movie Trailer

Oh, I don’t care which former pop star shaves her head in a drug riddled frenzy or who starts cutting herself and has to go to rehab today. This is the news of the freakin’ week and it’s only Monday! You guys! The trailer for The Muppets AKA Green with Envy is out!


I’m pretty psyched because it doesn’t look like they’ve completely butchered the spirit of the original movies and it’s, you know, probably one of the greatest franchises of all time.

Jason Segel and Amy Adams7 I could really take or leave both of them, but as  long as there’s plenty of Piggy and Kermie action to distract me, I’m not going to make a fuss over it.

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  • Yea they look like they lost the whole spirit of the thing…Ms piggy looks fierce as usual though..but when is Amy Adams going to play a different part besides this soft voiced flustered character…the only slightly different time was in Doubt…it is beginning to get annoying