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Justin Bieber Loves His Fans, Releases A New Single

A photo of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

On Sunday, Justin Bieber assaulted a photographer so bad that the guy couldn’t even get up off the ground and had to be taken to the hospital. Allegedly. And yesterday, he was on Twitter, letting his fans know how much he loves them. Here are some of his tweets:

my fans have always been there. from day 1. they are there for me thru everything. they lift me up. so…im there for them. always. #FACT

i hope when you guys hear #BELIEVE you finally understand how i feel about you. I appreciate and love you. this is about us. thank you

we came up from the bottom TOGETHER. every step we were doubted. i doubted…but you were always there. #IlovemyBeliebers

so we work hard. we grind it out. nothing is stopping us. we #BELIEVE:)

He also spent a lot of time responding directly to his fans. Someone would say “I love you,” he’d say “I love you too.” A number of people asked him to follow them or retweet them or just to acknowledge them, and he did. In one particularly weird exchange, a fan said “Beliebers Protects Justin, until the end,” and Justin responded with “and i will protect u too. we got each other’s backs. always. i know that. thanks.”

Then, early this morning, Justin released a new single called “Die In Your Arms.”

On the plus side, it’s a surprisingly decent song, by Bieber standards, at least. But this is pretty strange, isn’t it? Is this intensive damage control after the (alleged) assault? Does he want us to remember that, despite these trying times, he’s still a sweet, sensitive boy with a heart of gold and the voice of an angel? Because I can never forget that terrifying, wicked look in his eyes:

A photo of Justin Bieber

And this look just strikes fear into my heart:

A photo of Justin Bieber


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  • Actually, I feel bad for the photographer. Can you imagine the agony of being an adult male, and getting punked by “The Biebs?” How would one live that down? Honestly, he just needs to turn in his man-card and sell womens sanitary products!

  • Yeah… but his hair looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better… Hated the bowl-cut on top/ short sides thing he had going before.

    Much much sexier Pat Boone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!