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Ace Young Proposed to Diana DeGarmo on ‘American Idol’ Last Night

photo of diana degarmo and ace young red carpet american idol pics
And oh, the creepiness that ensued. Just watch the video, guys, OK? Just watch:

I’m sorry. They just might make the scariest couple ever. Also, what was with dimming the lights and playing the suspenseful music? Was it supposed to be like ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’? Because no one hits the jackpot in this one. … Well, OK. No. That’s not nice, Sarah. If there were a jackpot to be hit, it would be Ace who would have struck gold, because I don’t think poor Diana knows what she’s getting herself into. These two are like college drama students halfway through their second semester of How to Walk Across a Stage Despondently III. They make me think they’d be something like … well, this, at home:

And did he really name-drop the jeweler on ‘American Idol’ during the marriage proposal to his girlfriend?

Girl, if I were you, I’d f-cking cut and run. CUT AND RUN. “Last forever” my ass.

Nice outfit, Ace.

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