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Bobbi Kristina Accepted the Billboard Music Millennium Award for Whitney Houston

Like Emily, I did not watch the Billboard Music Awards last night, and it’s mainly because groups like LMFAO won—twice—and to be quite honest, I’m not really into all that. What did I do last night? Well, I went to Starbucks for coffee. And waited in line for twenty minutes, because there were two baristas on to serve literally fifteen people waiting for their caffeinated beverages. And I don’t mind the waiting, don’t get me wrong—but by the time I’d gotten out of Starbucks and began to head back to my car, the thunderheads that were threatening to open up and dump on me on my way in had burst, and rain was coming down all slanty and sideways, and by the time I got home, I actually had to change out of my clothes because I’d gotten so soaked. That was the highlight of the evening, folks, and after all that excitement, I just couldn’t bring myself to be watching four-plus hours of 80% suck music being honored.

But this clip, this was different. Flipping through the channels last night after I’d watched my third recorded ‘Big Bang Theory’ in a row, I happened to catch Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s acceptance speech for Whitney Houston’s Millennium Award, and I have to say … this girl doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell in making it in the entertainment industry. That, and also, the award was a really nice thing to do for the departed Whitney, and Jordin Sparks is a pretty little singer.

Finally, I guess there’s only one question remaining that needs to be answered: when is Bobbi Kristina Brown going to drop the “Bobbi” and the “Brown” and change over to “Kristina Houston” like we’ve all been waiting for her to do? She might actually have the aforementioned snowball’s chance in hell in the entertainment business if she DID drop her douchebag dad’s names like a hot crack pipe. Which she should.