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The True Blood Season 5 Trailer is Here!

To be fair, though, I’ve neither seen an episode of this show before, nor have I ever read any of the books. Lame, I know. I told you guys last week, though, that I often get “into” things years after their novelty has worn off, and it’s usually because I’m almost completely oblivious to everything around me aside from the things that I intentionally zero in on.

Here’s a few observations, though, that I made while watching the trailer (i.e., the most True Blood I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime): Stephen Moyer is a total cheeseball. Him? I just don’t get. Anna Paquin is still the cutest, and I don’t care what anyone says. Halfway through the trailer, it was like Twilight meets Star Trek. Is that about right? Because if it is, no thanks. Last. I really, really don’t get the Alexander Skarsgard obsession that so many people are enveloped in. Like, a bit. He’s honestly kind of creepy and weird, and not even in that alluring-mythical-creature kind of way, either.

I guess what I’m saying is that I get HBO, and there aren’t a whole lot of summer programs on that I’m all that interested in. Should I give this business a chance, or is it way, beyond me?

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  • A qualified yes – do watch it, but from the beginning. Series one was great, and then it just gets batshit crazy from there. You need the first season to get properly addicted, and then you’ll forgive it for all the nonsense that happens.
    Also: there’s definitely not even a hint of Twilight in it. Unless a solution to the love triangle in Twilight was a graphic threesome and I missed it.

    • I agree! I loved seasons 1 & 2. Season 3 went out of whack, and last season….yeah. But once you’re in, there’s no going back.

      Is it bad that I’m super excited about Detective Stabler? I stopped watching SVU bc he was gone.

    • I agree too! It kinda went whacky after the “Marianne the Weirdo” season! If anything you should watch it for Jessica!! I love Jessica! She turned vampire by Bill whose her maker when she was a teenager so she’s young and adorable! Also Lafayette is fun to watch!! Give it a shot but like the other posters said you have to start with season 1 to get hooked.

  • From what I’ve heard, the books are pretty bad. I do enjoy the show though. The last season wasn’t as good imo, but I will need something to try and fill the Game of Thrones shaped hole in my heart after the next two weeks, so this will have to do.