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Love It or Leave It: Anne Hathaway’s New Hair Again

A photo of Anne Hathaway

I know, we’ve done a “love it or leave it” post about Anne Hathaway‘s new super short hair before, and I know we’ve shown you stills from Les Miserables featuring Anne’s super short hair, but I think this is an important topic to discuss. Plus, these photos show Anne when she’s not trying to hide her hair and when she’s not in character, which are important distinctions from the previous photos. Nope, this time she’s just doing some shopping and some swimming in Miami, being natural, showing off her cute hair.

By the way, in case you couldn’t tell, I think it’s cute, which is apparently an unpopular opinion. I really think anyone can pull off this look as long as they have enough confidence, and in these photos, it’s clear that Anne has that. Sure, she has some odd features, and she doesn’t have that super delicate look that a lot of people think is necessary to pull off hair this short. She doesn’t have a tiny little nose or dainty little ears, but she’s so confident, and that’s what makes this work. I don’t care how short you are, how fat you are, how big your nose is, how goofy you think your ears are, how many chins you have, or whatever else is going on with your face: anyone can pull off short hair if they have the confidence to do so.

All we need is a picture of Anne when she isn’t in costume, when she isn’t putting her hand over her hair, and when she isn’t wearing those gigantic sunglasses. Then you’ll see. Then you’ll all see.

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  • I don’t think super short hair is a good idea for women who have zero curves, as it just makes them look like a little boy.
    And she looks like a cartoon in the second bikini shot.

  • Having “confidence” doesn’t make a black pig white, as my grandmother always said. If you just don’t have the facial construction for a certain length of hair, your inner assets and character traits are just that…..INNER! She looks goofy, period.