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Love It or Leave It: Anne Hathaway’s New Hair!

A photo of Anne Hathaway

Or I guess the headline should be “Love It or Leave It: Anne Hathaway’s New Lack of Hair,” because, as you can see in that picture, she pretty much chopped all of it off. For real this time.

There’s not really a great picture of Anne‘s haircut yet because in all these photos, she’s trying to hide it, but here’s a different angle at least:

A photo of Anne Hathaway

The reason it looks a little choppy is because the haircut was for the Les Miserables movie. If you haven’t been paying attention, Anne is playing the role of Fantine, a poor, single mother whose daughter stays with an innkeeper. At one point in the story, Fantine has to sell her hair to get money for her daughter, so the person who cut it probably wasn’t careful to do something super chic and edgy. But you know what? I still absolutely love it.

Part of it is because I adore Anne Hathaway, but most of it is because I love short hair. My hair is about this length right now (actually, when I go to my hairdresser, I take a picture of Michelle Williams from that same event as a reference), and it’s my favorite hair ever. I’ve had hair down to waist, hair a couple inches long, and everything in between, and I just don’t think you can ever beat a pixie cut. It’s just so easy and versatile and just amazing.

Tragically, since I’ve had this haircut, and it’s been about five months now, I’ve had so many ladies come up to me and compliment my hair, and then go “I wish I had the guts to pull off hair that short, but it would look so bad with my neck/my chin/my cheeks/my face.” And that’s basically the whole reason for this entire story: if you want short hair, get your hair short. Please. Embrace it, rock it, and remember that Heath Ledger loved it. Do you need any reason besides that?

Oh, but for real, how cute is Anne Hathaway, right?

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  • Hmmm…I don’t think she looks right with short hair. It brings out some goofy features on her face. Ya know, no ones perfect but there are things we all do to compliment our native features and imho, short hair does not look good on her but if she likes it then whatever, its her head.

  • She looks so good! Then again I’ve always loved her. Short hair always gives you an edgy, interesting look. I’d cut it short but the growing phase was the worst thing ever and I don’t want to go through it all over again!

  • I think it looks terrible on her lol, but it’s for a movie so who cares. But REALLY not everyone can do hair this short. I have GIGANTIC ears, plus I am curvy and short in stature. I would look disgusting.

  • I’m not liking this on Anne. But I agree – if you want short hair, get it, rock it. I too have worn just about every hairstyle and have to agree that I love the short do’s best. In fact, I have an appt. this Wednesday, and I have been planning just that, to go REAL SHORT!

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