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Serena Williams is a Rapper Now

And it might actually be OK if it weren’t for the fact that it’s practically all about tennis, and, you know, sounds almost identical to ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’. Don’t believe me? Never heard ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’? Well, here:

I mean, yeah, there’s sampling, and then there’s “sampling,” and by “sampling,” I mean YEAH RIGHT COME ON SERENA WILLIAMS THIS ISN’T EVEN CLOSE TO ORIGINAL (except for all that tennis business … I don’t think old Snoop’s going to be singing about playing doubles anytime soon or anything).

Real talk: I hate, hate, hate most rap, but guys? I absolutely love ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’. And while Serena might be a perfectly capable rapper, she really needs to lay off laying tracks about tennis, you know?