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More Anna Paquin Stuff, Because We Love Her

photo of anna paquin pictures fashion magazine
First, though, let me tear this magazine cover apart, because what the f-ck happened to Anna Paquin‘s face? Her eyes are normally a little close together as it is, but it looks like Fashion positively Photoshopped her features onto an entirely different head. What the hell is that all about? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Stare at the space between her eyes for a second—the rest of her face will spread out before your very eyes. I don’t know if they did it in an attempt to contour girlfriend’s face, but this—THIS!—is what she looks like on a normal day:

photo of anna paquin pictures

Anyway, here’s an excerpt from an interview she did with Canada’s Fashion magazine (crafty title, that), where she talks about character inspiration, being married to Stephen Moyer, and—of course—fashion:

“I’m not a ballgown kind of girl. I don’t think the red carpet is my prom. I prefer edgier cuts and darker designs because they suit me. I’ve learned how to dress for my shape, and I have to be able to sit, stand, walk properly and shake hands in an outfit without feeling confined. I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out what looks good for my body for fittings, and I’ve taken notes. I’m 5’4? and change! I know I will never be like Gisele [Bundchen], and I also know I will never be a hipless, assless supermodel.”

On her ‘True Blood’ role as Sookie Stackhouse:

“There have always been aspects of her that I connect to, empathize with and understand – that’s the only way I can approach my job. You have to find a common ground with any character. I spend a lot of time with scripts, looking for my truth.”

On being married to Stephen Moyer:

“Work does come up pretty frequently, because that is how we spend most of our year. Aside from trying to spend no more than two or three weeks apart, I’ve never been one for rules in a relationship. I don’t have any guidelines on how much shop talk we have at home.”

And for those of you out there who say you have no opinion on Anna Paquin—how could you not? She’s so neat!

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