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Kristen Wiig Did the Tanning Mom Last Night on SNL

Oh man, did you guys see this last night? Because if you didn’t, you really need to watch this video.

You guys remember we talked about the Tanning Mom the other day, right? The lady that made Snooki look like a Botticelli blonde with a milky-white complexion? Also the lady who’s in trouble for making her five-year-old daughter go tanning? Well SNL spoofed Krentcil last night and mocked her prior comments of “people hate me because they’re fat and ugly,” and not, you know, because she damned near forced a near-toddler into a tiny capsule filled with ultraviolet rays of artificial sunlight in order to bronze her skin just like mommy.

Kristen Wiig, you did such a good, good job, but damn. There’s no one nasty-looking enough on that show, or even homeless on the streets of New York City that could even try to compete with Patricia Krentcil’s unique look and that lovely, lovely tan she’s rocking these days.

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