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Love It or Leave It: Josh Hutcherson’s Tattoo

A photo of Josh Hutcherson

Do you see it? Of course you do, it’s a little hard to miss. Most people don’t have big anchors on their rib cages, or if they do, it’s a phenomenon that I have yet to witness. But anyway, big anchor tattoo on Josh Hutcherson: what do you think?

OK, I’m not one of those people who hate every tattoo on every person ever. My boyfriend has a Legend of Zelda tattoo on his wrist (it’s Majora’s Mask if you’re familiar with the games, it kind of looks like the face of a weird cat or an owl if you’re not), and he’s planning on getting a few more soon. I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo myself for the past few years, probably something small and in white ink (maybe a David Bowie lyric or a tiny unicorn?), since my cousin is an awesome tattoo artist and has promised me free tattoos for life. So see, I can certainly get down with tattoos.

Just not this one.

And look, you know how much I adore Josh Hutcherson. That’s not anywhere close to being a secret anymore. But I just … I don’t know. I’m not a fan of the anchor. Maybe if I knew what it’s supposed to represent or what the meaning behind it is, which surely is something more than “check out this sweet anchor,” then it might be cute. But right now, I’m a little sad that beautiful Josh marred his beautiful torso with this. An anchor.

But on the plus side, how gorgeous is this guy?

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  • He seems like a great guy and all, but I can’t get on board the “he’s so hot” train, because he looks like he’s about twelve years old to me.

  • Ok, I’ll be the one to say it. If his anchor tattoo is supposed to be a “tough guy” kind of thing, then he shouldn’t have it because that body is not tough. He might be good looking but he’s not “tough”. If anything, he’s closer to flabby than solid and to have a “tough” tattoo, you either have to be huge or solid but that’s just my opinion. Taking all of that into consideration, it’s GOT to have some sort of significance for him….or a really awesome story.

  • Apparently all of his tattoos have deep personal significance, so while it’s not my style – I’m sure it has to mean something for it to be THAT large.

  • “Maybe if I knew what it’s supposed to represent or what the meaning behind it is..”
    And what the hell would a UNICORN tattoo represent or mean? Sometimes tattoos are just tattoos. People get something because they like it. It doesn’t have to be some deep, meaningful thing every time.

    • Just what meh says, no offence Emily but sometimes you just love something and you want to have it on you? I’m having a mockingjay tattooed on my thigh because The Hunger Games is my favourite book and it’s a pretty bird nevertheless.

  • I don’t think it’s a good picture to pass judgement on the tattoo? It looks kind of okay, but I’d like to see a better shot. Aw he’s so cute.

  • Wait wait wait. you’re making fun of his anchor tattoo, but yet you want a unicorn tattoo? hmmmmmmmm

  • marred? just because he got a tattoo? i’m going to go ahead and disagree but anyway it looks nice&i don’t think people get anchors to look “tough” i associate that more with skulls-be nice y’all he seems like a nice kid

  • i love anchors. i freaking love them. why? it doesn’t have anything to do with the navy. but think about what anchors do. i have goals in life, and some of them will be quite a journey to get to them. when i feel like i just cant do it anymore, i think: “i refuse to sink” meaning, i will not give up under any circumstances whatsoever. i’m not saying that’s what Josh’s tattoo means, but i’m saying that’s what anchors mean for me, and i would love to get a tattoo of an anchor someday. definitely not that big, but i do want one.

  • He said that it means staying grounded, and staying who you are, much like Peeta’s beautiful monologue from The Hunger Games where he says that if he’s going to die, he wants to still be himself. He’s not going to be changed by the fame or what people want him to be, and he’s going to be his own person.

  • i totally have a unicorn tattoo. and an anchor. and a mermaid. and a skull with a knife going through it, and a celtic cross, and a bolt of lighting through the letters TCB, and…yeah…can’t say any of it means anything – i just love the way it looks. also this guy IS a cutie pie. get more ink, little actor dude, and i’ll love ya even more.

  • That’s a really nice meaning. I didn’t get my tattoo for looks, I got mine because it represents my family. I have a swallow at the top of my ribs (representing my Grandad as head of the family because he has a swallow tattoo) and a vine of roses covering the whole of my ribs, each one representing a branch of my family. So they’re with me wherever I go. I will incorporate an anchor at some point, I just need to figure out the artwork because my Dad is a marine engineer.
    Different Tattoos have different meanings and we really shouldn’t judge :-)

  • I love Josh! He has tattoos but they mean something to him so I think it is fine because the tattoos mean something to him involving his family.

  • You’re wrong whoever said its a tough guy thing. He did it because he loves the ocean, from what I’ve heard, he’s sensitive, basically the complete opposite. I absolutely love Josh, cutie

  • Girls chill back off my man thank u to all the girls being supportive about his tattoos….. If u don’t like them that’s fine but don’t bag the shit out of my man he’s a beautiful person so please don’t judge

  • I think that its fine I mean maybe a different look but come on it probs means I wont sink I mean hes famous there are people who want him gone and most famous people have been doing drugs since theyve been famous for so long. maybe its something to do with his family we don’t know but I think its good on him maybe a different angle but its fine