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Guess the Celebrity Mom!

photo of kris jenner bikini bathing suit pictures photos pics
So this “Guess the celebrity … ” whatever isn’t exactly all that hard. I mean, the photo’s right here ffs. She’s not terribly unrecognizable, and if she took off the glasses and made the kissy face, you’d probably recognize her right off the bat. Hell, I know you would.

Here’re a few hints to get you going:

-The lady’s fifty-six, if you can believe it, but you’d probably have to cut her in half and count her rings to really verify that information. There was probably a lot of work done there.

-She thinks she’s a good singer, and tried her hand at music back in the eighties.

-She deserves an award for parenting. I call it “Worst Mother in the World.”

Jump in to find out who this foxy lady is!

photo of kris jenner kardashian mother pictures photos age pics
Yeah, it’s Kris Jenner. Mildly disappointing, I know, because when I came across the photo, I was all like, “Wow, Kris Jenner actually looks pretty good for her age, and that probably kind of blows for her since, you know, everyone hates her anyway.”

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  • That is NOT a recent picture of her. So the whole “she looks good for her age” thing doesn’t really apply.

  • OMG, is that Kris?? I thougt it was Kim. God, is that Kim’s goal?? To look like her mother?