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Courtney Stodden Sh-ts All Over Your Holiday Again

photo of courtney stodden pictures easter bunny photos pics
Big question right off the bat – I know that we talk about Courtney‘s Xena Warrior Princess(TM) armband on the regular, but I really want to know: if she takes that thing off, will her arm fall off? Do you guys remember hearing a scary story back in the day about the man who married the lady with the green ribbon around her neck, and he fell in love with her and married her, despite the fact that she always had this green ribbon around her neck, and after awhile it began to NAG at him MORE and MORE and he’d hound her to take it off because it bothered him so and she’d always say, “You’ll be sorry if I do,” “You’ll be sorry if I do,” so one night he couldn’t take it anymore and he decided to CUT the ribbon off while she slept, and you know what happened then? -deep intake of breath- HER HEAD FELL OFF.

I know we’re probably not that lucky with Courtney, here, but we can still wax conspiracy theory as to why she wears that thing so much. It’s either what I just said, or that thing is covering up a big old gang tattoo. And I think that reason’s just as entertaining as the first in its own way.

Anyway, these are the photos that Courtney had taken to commemorate the Easter holiday, because nothing says, “Celebrate Spring!” or “Celebrate the Resurrection!” quite like ho-bag bunnies with plastic composite prostheses in Lucite heels.

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  • I freaking LOVE the story about the girl with the ribbon around her neck. No one else believes me that this story exists. Lol.

  • I suppose we should just be grateful that Doug didn’t put in a bunny-humping appearance. I’m still too traumatized by the Santa photos to speak

  • Lol! Do you have any theories on why she’s always wearing giant panties from the early 90s? Seriously, when has underwear that big been stylish or sexy?