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Luna Lovegood Wants to Play Britney Spears

A photo of Britney Spears and Evanna Lynch

Aww, you guys, look, it’s Evanna Lynch! You know Evanna, she’s the wonderful, adorable actress who played Luna Lovegood in those movies. You remember! We haven’t ever talked about her over here on Evil Beet, but just know that she’s awesome, all right? She was a hardcore Harry Potter fangirl before she was ever even cast in the movies: she had a cat named Crookshanks, she read fan fiction, and she wrote letters to J.K. Rowling. She was even involved in a little scandal when she trash talked Twilight, advising Bella to “get over it. She’s always talking about how beautiful Edward is. Get over it.” You guys, she’s one of us.

So what has Evanna been up to since the Harry Potter movies came to an end? Well, she does a whole lot of charity work, and according to IMDB, she’s going to be in a television show called Sinbad, which sounds promising. Oh, and also she’s been talking about how she would absolutely love to play the role of Britney Spears in a Britney Spears biopic:

Evanna Lynch would love to play Britney Spears in a biopic about her life.

The ‘Harry Potter’ actress – who played the role of Luna Lovegood in the movie franchise – admits she is keen to get her teeth into a gritty part and thinks the pop star, who famously suffered a very public breakdown in 2008, would be the perfect role.

Evanna exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “People laugh when I say this but I would love to play Britney Spears in a movie. She’s complicated and I just relate to her. There are so many pop stars out there at the moment and I just think they’ve just got their image thing so planned to a T. Say, Lady Gaga, I like her and I like her music but I don’t relate to her because she has this image and she’s weird and perfect, whereas Britney is rich and cool and beautiful, but has also shown her vulnerable side and had a breakdown in front of the whole world.

“That takes strength and bravery to do that. I just think she’s more complicated than people think. Also, I think career wise it would be a big departure from Luna. And I love dance!”

However it is not the only character the 20-year-old beauty would be keen to play – she also would have loved a part in ‘The Hunger Games’.

She added: “Dream roles? I love fantasy series’, I would love a role in ‘The Hunger Games’. I love the books, but I don’t know who I would play or where I would fit. Jennifer Lawrence really carries that film. She’s amazing to watch.”

Ok, how do we get this to happen? Do we need to write letters? Start a petition? What? We need to get this together, guys. Let’s not let Luna down on this one.