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Stars Without Makeup: Vanessa Minnillo is Pregnant, Eating Popcorn, I Guess

photo of vanessa minnillo pregnant eating popcorn pictures photos pics
OK, so I’m not going to rip apart a non-makeuped pregnant lady for eating in bed, because why bother? I remember being pregnant, you know, and I also ate much more bizarre things in bed than popcorn. I gorged on spaghetti … sausage and peppers. I have stains on my mattress that may never come out.

So, no. No mockery here. Mockery-free, guys. But I am going to ask (in my customary questionable way), what the F-CK has Vanessa Minnillo done with her eyebrows? I mean, did she up and eat those, too? Why in God’s name would you tweeze your eyebrows so thin? Does she not realize that we’re not in 1999 anymore? Or that there are other methods of manicuring your facial hair other than using a single-blade bic?

I was torn between calling this post “Love It or Leave It” and “Stars Without Makeup,” but I probably should have just thought a little harder and combined the two, calling it “Stars Without Eyebrows and Where They Left Them.”

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