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Star Without Makeup: Dakota Fanning

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Morning, guys! Do you see this picture? This positively fabulous photo? It’s – duh- Dakota Fanning, and she’s got no makeup on. You know, that’s pretty refreshing in itself. You wanna know what else is pretty good, too? That girlfriend hasn’t had any cosmetic procedures done, and she actually looks like an innocent young girl who’s all about acting for the art of it and not acting for the publicity and money. Isn’t that so awesome? I know that DF is only eighteen years old, and a lot of people might think it’d be preposterous for someone so young to go under the knife or needle anyway, but there are a lot more young people out there who have done this crap and you wouldn’t even think it.

Also, you know what I watched this past weekend that featured Dakota in it, but I didn’t even realize ’til just, like, a few minutes ago? Sweet Home Alabama. Yeah. I definitely forced my husband to watch it with me, too, and you know, he’s never even seen The Notebook. He boycotted it so many years because he said it seemed like the height of cheesieness, but folks, I’m telling you right now – this man will have watched The Notebook by the end of this year – and especially if I can keep his attention rapt with movies like Sweet Home Alabama (check) and Nights in Rodanthe (check). And today, in anticipation of that sacred event, I’m going to credit this success to Dakota Fanning – just because I’m feeling happy and euphoric and have picked up an even crazier Southern accent from being subjected to two-and-a-half-hours of watching Reese Witherspoon trying to fake her way through it.

This is big, guys. For everyone involved.

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  • Say what you wish, but KF has had many surgeries on her gums, upper and lower jaw. Her adult teeth were erupting in the wrong spots. So, surgery was needed on many of her teeth.
    She probably had more surgery to reduce the size of her cheek bones. Compare the photo above with earlier photos. Her face is not as wide now.
    I love her. Surgery does not reduce the worth of a person. She is great.

  • She doesn’t look that bad. She looks like a woman that just woke up. Woman don’t wake up made up. She looks like a normal nice looking girl.

  • that last bit about Reese’s annoying accent would be funny… except that didn’t fake it. she was born in NOLA and grew up in Tennessee. That has the makings of a legit southern accent to me.